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Weapons on Quake live

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Players have a wide variety of weapons available to them. At the start of every match (or after they've been fragged), all combatants are armed with a machinegun and gauntlet. Depending on the arena they're battling in, other weapons may be available. Ammunition for each weapon can usually be found in the same arena. Collect a weapon (or its ammunition) by running through it.

GauntletGauntlet (GT)

The gauntlet combines a whirling saw blade with a powerful electrical charge to create a deadly close-combat weapon. Unlike the other weapons, the gauntlet needs no ammunition, so it's always ready to go. Use it while sneaking up behind an opponent or surprise them while in close range combat. The gauntlet is a starting weapon available immediately upon spawning. (Default key binding: 1)

MachinegunMachinegun (MG)

Although not particularly powerful, this weapon has a high rate of fire and can be used to blanket an area with a suppressing hail of bullets. It can prove especially useful on finishing off wounded opponents at far range. The machinegun is a starting weapon that comes equipped upon spawning. (Default key binding: 2)

ShotgunShotgun (SG)

One of the most common weapons scattered throughout the arenas, the shotgun delivers an instantly impacting shower of heavy pellets, dealing often unrivaled damage at close range. (Default key binding: 3)

Grenade LauncherGrenade Launcher (GL)

The time-fused grenades fired by this weapon are incredibly powerful and have a wide blast radius. Grenades prove useful at laying covering fire in out of reach places. (Default key binding: 4)

Rocket Launcher‎Rocket Launcher (RL)

The rockets fired by this heavy weapon have a large blast radius, enabling them to harm several targets at once. Be careful when using this weapon, since it's easy to include yourself in the explosion! (Default key binding: 5 and Q)

Lightning GunLightning Gun (LG)

The most electrifying weapon in the arena, the lightning gun unleashes a powerful stroke of electricity at its target. The lightning gun is the master of mid-range, best used when you are far enough away to dodge your opponents attacks but close enough to pin them with your lightning. (Default key binding: 6 and E)

RailgunRailgun (RG)

This highly accurate weapon uses a linear accelerator to throw a depleted uranium slug at an incredible rate of speed. The gun's accelerator must recharge between shots, causing a delay before it can be fired again. The railgun is the weapon of choice when fighting at long distances. (Default key binding: 7 and R)

Plasma GunPlasma Gun (PG)

This powerful energy weapon unleashes a deadly stream of plasma pulses that rapidly consume its energy supply. Although difficult to handle properly, the plasma gun can become an effective weapon at all ranges. (Default key binding: 8 and F)

BfgBFG 10K (BFG)

An evolution of the plasma gun, the BFG-10K is the dream weapon of every gladiator in the arena. It hurls devastatingly powerful bursts of fusing plasma to mow down enemies. (Default key binding: 9)

ChaingunChaingun (CG)

The withering fire of the Chaingun chews through flesh and armor with equal ease. Gladiators using this weapon should keep an eye out for ammo boxes, however, as its high rate of fire burns them up fast.

NailgunNailgun (NG)

Using a linear accelerator to hurl a cloud of deadly spikes at incredible speeds, the Nailgun makes up for relatively poor accuracy with its ricochet - hitting everything in and around its target. If there's anything more satisfying than turning an enemy gladiator into a human (or inhuman) pincushion with this weapon, science has yet to discover it.

Proxy LauncherProxy Launcher (PL)

One of the most diabolical weapons in the Arena Eternal, this device flings out a mine that uses a gravitic anchor to fasten itself to any surface. Once in place, it patiently waits for the enemy to step into its sensor grid and set it off. There is no better way to booby trap an area than with a Prox Launcher.