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  • Using a Weapon

To use a weapon, select it with one of the keys listed above and then press Fire (left mouse button or the CTRL key). For machine guns or other
repeating-fire weapons, hold down the button or key for sustained fire and tap it for shorter bursts. The crosshair will indicate where you're aiming.

  • Short bursts or single shots are more accurate and conserve ammunition more effectively than spraying bullets wildly. The longer the burst, the larger your crosshairs will grow and the less accurate your fire will be.
  • The Sten MKIIS, Browning .30 MG and MG42 will overheat when used and must cool down after being fired continuously. These weapons will show a small bar near the weapon icon that will turn red when the gun has overheated. Once the weapon cools down it can be fired again.

Explosive weapons such as Panzerfausts and grenades inflict splash damage on players within their blast radius.
Head-Shots do much more damage than shots to the body or limbs.
Helmets absorb weapon damage.
Sub-Machine Guns and Pistols do less damage when the target is at long range.

  • Reloading

Most weapons will eventually run out of ammunition and must be reloaded. To reload, press the (R) key. Be careful not to get caught low on Ammo or reloading when attacked - watch your Ammo and reload when necessary before you find yourself in a firefight.

Once you've run out of a particular type of Ammo, you will not be able to select a weapon using that Ammo until you've picked up some more. Pick up more Ammo from Field Ops, who can give you Ammo Packs, or by touching Ammo Cabinets found on some maps. You can also get more Ammo for your weapon by running over weapons dropped by other players, provided they use the same type of Ammo.

  • Swapping Weapons

You can swap your weapon for any weapon your class can use by moving up to it and using your Activate key (Enter).

The Weapons

Single-Handed Weapon All player classes are equipped with the combat knife and a Pistol as a Secondary Weapon. They are generally used only when short of ammunition for the player's Primary Weapon.

Weapons Description
The knife is the most basic weapon and is generally used as a last resort when you run out of ammo, or if you want to kill your enemy silently.
All Allied soldiers carry a Colt .45 pistol, while Axis soldiers carry a Luger 9mm. The Covert Op class is the only class that carries a pistol with a silencer.
M1A1 Thompson
The Medic and Field Op classes carry a sub-machinegun in this slot - Allied players carry the M1A1 Thompson machine gun while Axis players carry the MP40. All other classes have a choice of two-handed Primary Weapons to carry in this slot.
M1S Garand or K43 (Silenced)
Both of these specialized sniper rifles are equipped with fixed silencers and scopes. Alt-Fire (Z) will switch to scope view, while Zoom In (=) and Zoom Out (-) will change the view. Weapons with Zoomed-In scopes will appear less steady when aiming. The bar to the left of the crosshairs will determine how steady the weapon is (green is most steady, orange is moderately steady, and red is not steady). Firing when Crouched or Prone helps to steady the weapon.
This submachinegun fires very accurately without the need of a scope. It is also extremely quiet and doesn't require a silencer. Its only drawback is the fact that it overheats very easily so care must be taken to use short bursts.
M1 Garand + M7 Grenade Launcher
The Engineer's M1 Garand can only be reloaded once it has fired an entire clip of 8 bullets. Firing off the remaining rounds will automatically reload the M1 Garand, so long as you still have more ammunition for it.
This weapon combines the accuracy of a scope with the full-auto potential of a Sub Machine Gun. Alt-Fire (Z) zooms the scope. Full-Auto fire is not possible while zoomed-in.
K43 + GPG40 GranatWerfer
The Engineer's M1 Garand and K43 rifles come with fixed Grenade Launcher attachments. Hitting Alt-Fire (Z) will load a Grenade for firing. After the Grenade is fired, Alt-Fire needs to be pressed again to load another Grenade. Firing Rifle Grenades depletes the Power Bar. You can still fire the rifle normally without a Grenade loaded, but the Grenade Launcher remains attached. Using up your load-out of Rifle Grenades will still leave you your full complement of Hand.
MG42 machine gun, mounted and mobile
You can fire the MG42 while standing, but your shots will be wildly inaccurate. Go Prone and hit alt Fire to deploy the MG42's bipod; your fire will now be far more accurate.
81mm Morser / 3 Inch Mortar
Both Axis and Allies use variants of the French Brandt 81mm/3 Inch Mortar design. To use the Mortar, hit your Alt Fire Key (Z). Once the Mortar is readied, a Mortar round can be fired by pressing Fire. The elevation (range) and azimuth (lateral direction) of the Mortar can be adjusted by moving the mouse using the crosshairs as a guide. The lower the angle of elevation, the further the Mortar will fire. You can observe your fall of shot either by line of sight or by looking at your Command Map (G). Field Ops may designate targets for your Mortar as they call in Artillery Strikes. A targeting reticule will appear on your Command Map and in your Mortar sights. You can then aim for the reticle, in the knowledge that your Mortar rounds will be falling on the correct bearing, although you may still have to adjust elevation.
The Panzerfaust is a disposable one-shot weapon that fires a powerful rocket-propelled grenade with a significant blast radius. Firing the Panzerfaust depletes the Power Bar. It cannot be fired when Prone.
The Flamethrower fires a pressurized jet of liquid flame. It can't be partially reloaded; a full tank of fuel must be expended before it can be reloaded.
Grenades can be thrown immediately by pressing Fire, or press and hold Fire to activate their 5 second timer. You will hear the timer click and at the end of the 5 seconds the Grenade will explode. Be sure to throw the Grenade before the 5 seconds are up or else it will explode, likely killing you.
Dynamite has a 30 second timer. Dynamite is used primarily for destroying objectives. Only Engineers can set and defuse Dynamite. Dropped Dynamite glows yellow. Fused Dynamite glows red and flashes on and off. The rate at which the Dynamite flashes red increases as the timer ticks down.
Satchel Charges and Detonator
Satchel Charges are remote control explosive charges and can only be used by the Covert Ops class. The Satchel Charge Remote Control will indicate when you are close enough to the charge to detonate it by showing a green light. A red light indicates that you are too far away from the charge to detonate it. Engineers can defuse Satchel Charges.
Land Mines
Land Mines can only be planted by Engineers. Players can see their own team's Land Mines marked with flags (Red for Axis, Blue for Allies). Mines planted by the enemy are not marked with flags unless they are spotted by a covert ops on your team. If you step on a Land Mine you will hear a click and hiss as it arms. The mine will only detonate when you step off it. Engineers can defuse mines even while a player is standing on them. Even your own team's Land Mines will kill you. If mines have been detected in the area by a Covert Ops, a message will appear on the screen telling you so.
Browning M1919A4 mounted .30 cal machine gun
The Browning' .30 MG is a turret-mounted weapon usable by all classes.