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V2 factory.png
Ico ET.gif Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Subscriber-inessential.png Author(s) : Mean Mr. Mustard
Notes-icone-9348-32.png Version : Final
Glob-v2-48x48.png Website :


Briefing.png Map Story

The Axis are building V-2 rockets at the Watten Blockhaus. The Allies must build a bridge, escort a Truck to the Ammo Depot and stop the production of a V-2 until Allied airstrikes can cripple the factory.

Map Objectives

Allies.png Allied Objectives

The deadly V-2 rocket is being constructed at a vast complex.Start at an abandoned farm house, cross the river and damage the factory machines.

  1. Build the Pontoon Bridge and escort the Truck across the River.
  2. Escort the Truck to the Ammo Depot and deliver the Command Post parts.
  3. Build the Command Post and capture the Forward Spawn.
  4. Prevent the construction of a V-2 by damaging the Factory machines.
  5. Prevent the Axis from constructing the Train Bridge.
  6. Stop the Train from delivering the V-2 to the Forward Launch Area.
  7. Destroy the V-2 Launch Door to open another entrance to the V-2 Factory.
  8. Block the Train Tunnel by collapsing the Roof.

Axis.png Axis Objectives

The Blockhaus at Watten is constructing the deadly V-2 rocket. Protect the factory until the latest V-2 rolls off the assembly line.

  1. Prevent the Allies from building the Pontoon Bridge.
  2. Stop the Truck from reaching the Ammo Depot.
  3. Prevent the Allies from building their Command Post to retain the Forward Spawn.
  4. Protect the Factory and build a V-2.
  5. Build the Train Bridge.
  6. Escort the Train to the V-2 Forward Launch Area.
  7. Protect the V-2 Launch Door.
  8. Clear the Train Tunnel of rubble.

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