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Subscriber-inessential.png Developer(s) : Sudd3nD3ath
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What is Balance

Balance is a Galaxy Exploration, Colonization and Combat browser-based on-line game.

Each of our servers hosts one full ellipsoidal 3D galaxy, about 130,000 Light Years in diameter, and up to about 20,000 players should be able to battle it out in each galaxy. You "spawn" in a galaxy containing about 3 - 5 million stars, and you can choose to spawn

  • a.Near the action (best)
  • b.As far away as possible from everyone else (explorers wishing to build a massive empire)
  • c.As part of a pre-arranged alliance (clan)

You grow and tax your population on planet(s), produce FLEETS of ships , and send the fleets out to colonize other star systems, form alliances with neighbors, or battle against them.

The galaxy contains the following celestial objects

M-Class Stars	-	Life Supporting Planets (LSP's) + some mining companions
L-Class Stars	-	Mining planets only
Blackholes	-	If you travel into one, you come out of a singularity in the vicinity
Wormholes	-	Always in PAIRS across the galaxy, and if you fly into one, you come out the other.
Quasars	-	You fly into them, and come out of some singularity close to the GALAXY CORE
Pulsars	-	You fly into them, and they spin you around and catapult you at massive speeds along the ecliptic plane of the galaxy
Singularities	-	Don't fly into them hehe, enemy fleets may come out of them any time ready to massacre you
Anchorages	-	You construct them. There are 2 types, private/military , and public/trading

the galaxies

As the name implies ,balance is a game in which the player will succeed if he can properly compromise (balance) between exploration, and security.

  • Since the game contains physical spatial coordinates, we had to design a galaxy where each player, no matter where he/she "spawns", would not have a specific extra advantage over the other players. This is why the galaxy looks like this (of course the current galaxy in-game is about 100 times larger)

This is the FRONT VIEW: Fv-full.png

(the green stuff are mining star systems, i.e. for mining ore only, no population) You can sorta recognize that there appears to be "lobes" of other color stars, well that is called the [SPAWN BELT] which is what ensures fairness to all players. You can clearly see this below in



The SPAWN BELT contains the larger stars (G3-G5) . (players spawn in G5 stars, which means they can have up to 5 Gigapoeple in the planet (aka LSP)) The current galaxy, after 1 month play, with 170 players, looks like this at the moment:


(FYI: red dots are spawn planets occupied, yellow stuff is my allied players exploration efforts, the cyan circle is where I spawned) I signed up now what

I signed up now what

1. you are given a G5 planet, which means up to 5 gigapeople allowed on it.
2. If you have selected "close to the action" when signing up, you have been spawned
within 2000 light years from the last player which signed up, in a random direction.
3. You are now in a fully fledged 130,000 light year diameter 3D galaxy.
Now what ? 
4. Since you have taken command of a life supporting planet which is in complete state of anarchy,
there is no way to get the people to produce anything, so the first thing you need to do is:


a. You have been given 50 million Zulaks to start, buy yourself a Power Plant, and a Government Building, else you CANNOT collect taxes, and you will go nowhere fast.
b. set your tax to 20%
c. set your reinvestment into FUN, to 99%
d. set your reinvestment to 90% or so
e. THROW A PARTY !!!!!!!!!!!!

This will get your people into production mode, and after a few turns (years), you will notice the morale goup,and that means tax evasion will lower itself, and you will be able to invest more on your organization. Then the population will start growing, and the cash will start streaming into your banks.


As soon as the morale passes 50%, the system will automagically stop your party, and you will then need to update your reinvestment and tax values, so you can get some cash coming in.

5.As soon as you get the first cash in your Military Coffers, send a fleet with a Sensory Array ship in a suicide mission to the galactic core. This will make sure you meet other players doing the same, and it will start expanding your known universe right away.
6.As your productivity increases, you will need to research (set lots of reinvestment percentage into that), and you will need to buy some universities, and labs.

This will start your PhD's going. With PhD's you will be able to improve your propulsion systems , power plants and weapon systems.


  • There are several objectives

1.As described on the login page, there is an ULTIMATE GOAL

-. Find the ZOZZET, the ship carrying ZOZZ and the CIVILEX
-. Return the CIVILEX to CENTRALIA
-. Fly to FUELDUMP and gain the ultimate technology which will make you the master of the galaxy

However, since this feat may be near impossible due to the scale of the galaxies, we have designed other objectives:

2. Rankings

  • Balance has 3 ways of ranking players and alliances
-. Score (points gained in battle)
-. Efficiency (complex formulae calculate player and alliance efficiency based on 14 different quotients)
-. Net Worth (the greater your empire and assets, the higher your net worth)

If Objective #1 is not reached within a specific period of time, the END OF ROUND will occur, where the RANKINGS will be tallied up, and the WINNERS will go into the hall of fame. (we will keep records until hell freezes over)

How to play

I hope some of you have played something like nukezone, where it takes 1 week to 2 weeks for your province to get up to speed, and enter combat.

Since we are in a 3D fully qualified environment, our "action" is going to be wholly different, however, the time to battle maybe about the same, and it all depends on where you have been spawned, and if you are quick enough to explore the space around you.

A fast to action way, is to get to build one fleet, and send a suicide mission to the core of the galaxy (only target possible when you know no other planets/stars).

Party Mode

Also, once you reach 100 PhD's, your sensor range will increase in your home planet, and you will see the surrounding area. (sphere of 350 light years radius) The Party is used when your morale is extremely low, for example when you are first spawned.

Once your population reaches 50% morale, the party is automatically switched off.