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The Node Network

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Below the 3D preview is a view of the local Node Network, which shows all the nodes and connections local to the currently selected node, group, or layout. As described in the Terragen 2 Conventions section, TG2's scene structure is based around the concept of “networking” separate pieces called Nodes to form a whole scene. This is a very powerful way to create scenes, but it’s also quite complex and not immediately intuitive for many people. In many cases you can ignore the 'Node Network' altogether and focus your scene building efforts in the 'Node Lists' and context menus. For now we'll cover the basics of navigation and use of the 'Node Network' view. You will see that the network moves to show you the device you currently have selected in the 'Node List' and you can see how new devices are positioned and connected into the network.

Node Networ Node Networ

Navigation in the Node Network is similar to working in the 3D Preview. Holding Alt and clicking and dragging the mouse buttons will move your view around in the network. Alt+Left Mouse will “pan,” moving your view side-to-side or up-and-down. Alt+Right Mouse allows you to drag a zoom rectangle which will define the area you will zoom to. This section of the network will be enlarged once you release the right mouse button. Alt+Middle Mouse and dragging allows you to zoom in and out more incrementally. Finally, if you have a mouse wheel you can zoom in and out by scrolling it. Using the 'Node Network' view is deceptively simple. Navigation comprises just a few controls, and manipulating the nodes themselves is also accomplished in very simple ways. It is in the flow of information through the network and the interaction of settings for each node that complex results arise.