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Team Power-ups

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These power-ups or 'runes' can only be picked up in a players own base, and respawn shortly after pickup. Teammates can choose any team power-up they wish to create different strategic combinations. Once picked up the team power-up last until the player dies.

Armorregen playerArmorregenArmor Regen (A)

The Armor Regen power-up slowly replenishes the warrior's armor until full (100).

DoublerDoublerDoubler (D)

The Doubler power-up increases the amount of damage done by each hit a gladiator scores.

Guard player‎Guard‎Guard (G)

The Guard power-up protects the warrior, decreasing the amount of damage received by each hit an enemy combatant scores.

Scoot player‎ScoutScout (S)

The Scout power-up increases the player's rate of movement, grants them silent footsteps while running, increases the rate of fire of their weapons and grants them a unique level of mobility that prevents them from taking any damage from their own weapons.