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Archaeologists find ancient technology

Upon first arrival at your spawn planet, your archaeologists have carried a survey of the ruins where you will establish your central government, and have found 5 sets of ancient, but very advanced propulsion systems, which you can use on your initial fleets to quickly explore the surrounding space !

Use them wisely !

I wanna fly some ships quick

before you have 100 PhD's, you don't have enough sensors in your own LSP, to sense the surrounding space for stars / planets/ etc.

So, the best way, is to get 1 sensory array ship, and launch it, and create a fleet. then add the ship to the fleet, and select fleet management. then click on the fleet, and then in ORDERS, click on "Deploy/Move Fleet"

Then, send that sensory array with its lonely suicidal pilot, TO THE GALAXY CORE (since you need to know a target before being able to move a fleet, then we set the GALAXY CORE BLACK HOLE, as the "target everyone knows initially").

You will see a lot of players sending suicidal missions to the core, and this improves their chance of finding more resources, more wormholes, etc etc.