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Ships Buying and Launching

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Buying Ships

How to Buy

click on top menu bar on ships, and then click on the LSP planet ID/Name you want to launch from.

Now, in this alpha and beta version, we can buy ships without needing Ore, or many PhD's yet, cause we wanna get you flying and into combat as soon as we can. But eventually these will be linked for beta test.

Then, depending on how much money you have in your Civilian Treasury, you can buy Colony and Mining ships. and depending how much cash you have in your Military Coffers, you can then buy military ships.

Launch Button

Once you bought some ships, you will notice they appear, in quantity, in the ARSENAL column on the left.

This means, the ships are on the planet surface, and you cannot use them yet.

So, what you need to do is to click on the launch button (bottom of arsenal column) This will send them into orbit.

To get to orbit, the ships will take up to 2 turns. Once in orbit, the ships will be in SPACE PORT. where you can then CREATE FLEETS, and send them out to colonize.