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Ship Propulsion

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Class 1 - Ionic

Ion Propulsion is the first interstellar-capable propulsion system. It is available on all newly purchased ships when the player has reached 500PhD's.

There are 2 types: Helium Ion , and Oxygen Ion. Oxygen Ion has 20% more range, but it costs more.

Both are capable of in-flight refueling.

The maximum speed attainable is 0.3 SOL

See the table to compare.

Class 6 - Wakefield

The Wakefield Neutron Accelerator uses magnetic resonance coupling to create a "wave" which the Neutrons that are injected perpendicularly from both directions Surf on the way out, exerting massive force. This is very expensive, and it takes lots of research to get this going. (8000 PhD's)

Faster than light capability (max speed 3.07 SOL)

In-flight refueling.

See the table to compare.

Class 5 - Photonic

The Protium Fusion Reflector is very expensive, but has great range.

Max speed .99 SOL No in-flight refueling

See the table to compare.

Class 3 - Nuclear Fission

Nuclear Fission using a Tritium Pellet Injection bell allows for fast travel with low fuel consumptiuon, and is also interstellar.

No Mine Fields can be deployed using this propulsion type.

No in-flight refueling.

Max Speed: 0.6 SOL

See the table to compare.

Class 4 - Proton Discharge

Proton Discharge is the choice propulsion for attack fleets. We use a Hydrogen Proton Drive, which allows for an extra bonus "afterburner" created by the photons created when splitting the H2 molecules.

Faster than light capability (1.77 SOL)

In-flight refueling.

See the table to compare.

Class 7 - Quantum

The Quantum Offset Device is the ultimate in propulsion.

The basics of how it works is very simple. Since time has a "minimum tick constant" (10 ^ E-34 sec.), this device allows the ship to "off sync" itself by providing an oscillator with a higher tick rate.

This allows moving "off-time", by not only off syncing itself, but also due to the ability to "jump" across ticks.

The ship creates its own space-time compression wormhole, with relatively good targeting capability (+-100LY x,y,z). Travel is basically instantaneous. (2Y +-1Y).

To use this propulsion, the user has to have a valid target.

To refuel this device, you need an ore-transport, and a refueler, all ships of course with the same propulsion. The Ore transport has to carry Element 115 in "magic neutron" configuration: 115UUP299. You can "make" this in small quantities from transition metals + fusion power plants.

To use this , you need at least 10000 PhD's.

See the table to compare.

Class 0 - Chemical

Chemical propulsion is the initial propulsion available upon spawn. It enables the player to mine his own LSP, and the planets on his LSP star system.

Components: Hydrazine , LOX

Max Speed: 0.0001 SOL

See the table to compare.

Class 2 - Plasma

Plasma propulsion is very cheap, very fast, and good enough for battle.

There are 2 types: 1. Acoustic Plasma Xiter Faster than light capability (max speed 1.1 SOL) Refueling allowed in-flight

2. Magneto Plasma Drive Max speed 0.92 SOL No in-flight refueling 30% more range than type 1.

See the table to compare.