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Ship Navigation

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Direction Changes

Capability Cone

1.the green lines denote the current SAFE LIMIT TURN CAPABILITY to ensure STANDARD DOCKING PROCEDURES

This is determined by the current speed. The zone encompasses a CONE in the direction of travel. The angle is calculated with a formula which has the following limits:

-at SOL 1+ , the possible turn angle is zero
-at SOL 0 , the possible turn angle is 180

2.the orange lines denote the current MAXIMUM TURN CAPABILITY to ensure AEROBRAKING POSSIBLE AT TARGET

This is usually 40 percent greater than the safe turn limit.
It only applies for speeds greater than 0.4 SOL.
(and only applies to planetary system targets)

charts trajectories

Fleet Colors

In all tactical display charts, fleet trajectories are colored, light = traveled, dark = to destination:

- Own green
- Allied in yellow
- Enemy in Red

Enemy fleet traveled trajectories are only shown from when sensors pick it up. Gotta hide that unknown originating object.. hehe