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Ship Cap Limit

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The current number of Ships allowed to be launched and in the space port from any planet is

  • PhD's <= 2000
  • max = 200
  • PhD's > 2000
  • max = 300

If the limit in port and/or launched is not yet reached, but with the additional launch it will surpass the max, then the launch is capped by space command to a safe number.

Any number of fleets can dock at an LSP, and they can also disband. But if they disband, and fill up the spaceport, then the planet will not be able to launch any.

(i.e., when disbanding fleets in a spaceport (LSP or Anchorage), the spaceport can have a ZILLION ships, but until they are all gone, you cannot launch anymore)

NOTE: one of the main purposes of "Anchorages", is to combine fleets into super fleets and mix-n-match