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A bit of history

Bunker's origins comes from the clan called HSX. Bunker's actual founders were Sudd3nD3ath, Belzebub, Fedaykin and Tabasco. Fedaykin and Tabasco were the leaders of HSX and together with Sudd's and Belze's help (they had servers) they formed what is know today as Bunkergaming. After a few incidents in bunker's childhood Tabasco was permanently banned from all servers for admin abuse. Over time bunker grew and several other servers were added like B3 and B4. Bunker quickly grew into a big community with a solid structure. Even tough bunker had it's incedents they always managed to scrap themselfs together and these days we've got a community with +120 members and a large forum.
Bunker had some changes like moving to a new forum, a renewed Moderator crew, banning some abusive high admins and the move to a second game (ET:QW). What u see here today is a community with over 4 years of experience in handling a large gaming community.

Welcome everyone to Bunker Gaming

The community is a sizable group of individuals from all over the world who share a common interest in playing Enemy Territory. The name Bunker is used as a reference the servers on which the game is hosted as well as to refer to the community of players on those servers. There are recognized members of the community who can be identified by the bunker tag, |>B<|, which proceeds their name |>B<|Belzebub

We are a online gaming community that hosts servers for RTCW: Enemy Territory and ET: Quake Wars. We are a recruiting only community which means we invite you, you don't apply or ask for an invitation.
When the time is right we will make a invitation topic in the Admin Forum and the entire AF will vote for your invitation. Our servers work with an admin level system which means when time goes by and you've behaved well and show that you're interested in becoming an member/admin some day your member level will increase. This leveling takes time and is fully decided by the server admins. When u one day become an admin your levels will be voted on by the entire AF like your invitation.

In bunker we strive to a pleasant and social community . The moderators make sure every day the forums are kept clean of Spam and other non-sense. In our forums you can find specific server forums, community discussion, a help desk and much more. Please try to use the right forum for each topic or ask a moderator (when online) for help.
On the servers we have (as well as on the forums) different rules to make sure the gameplay doesn't gets harmed. By entering our servers you agree with these rules and agree that the server admins can use anything in their power to make sure these rules are not broken. If u still feel you have been abused you can post an admin abuse topic in one of the specific server forums. If you want to get unbanned you can make a post for that as well in the specific server forum. Remember to be polite and have good arguments as this will get you unbanned in the fastest way possible.
Furthermore i would like to say to all of you that the AF and the FC (Founders Council) are doing every day their best to make sure our regulars and members can keep enjoying their stay at our servers and forums, so please show respect for us and do that by keeping yourself to the rules.

The Bunker Servers

are open servers which invite guests to come and play with members of the community. Guests who play frequently on the Bunker servers and who consistently enhance the environment with their skill and sportsmanship eventually get invited to become a member of the community. There is no way to apply to become a member and asking for membership is highly frowned upon.

SplatterLadder /et.trackbase list

If you are a member and would like to be add , contact us on the forum.