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Ranks, Stats, and Medals

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Insignia Description Allied Description Axis
Schutze (Stz)
Corporal (Cpl)
Gefreiter (Gfr)
Sergeant (Sgt)
Feldwebel (Fwb)
Private 1st Class (PFC)
Oberschutze (Otz)
Lieutenant (Lt)
Leutnant (Ltn)
Captain (Cpt)
Hauptmann (Hpt)
Major (Maj)
Major (Mjr)
Colonel (Cnl)
Oberst (Obs)
Brigadier General (BGn)
Generalmajor (GMj)
Lieutenant General (LtG)
Generalleutnant (GLt)
General (Gen)
General (Gnl)


The End Results show the best players from either team in each field of achievement in that map. Medals are awarded to a team's best player in each category. Medals are per team, End Results are overall.

  • Highest Fragger: most kills
  • Highest Experience: highest XP
  • Highest Ranking Officer: highest rank
  • Most Highly Decorated: most medals
  • Highest Battle Sense: highest Battle Sense
  • Best Engineer: Best Engineer
  • Best Medic: Best Medic
  • Best Field Ops: Best Field Ops
  • Best Light Weapons: Best Light Weapons
  • Best Soldier: Best Soldier
  • Best Covert Ops: Best Covert Ops
  • Highest Accuracy: Best ratio of shots fired to hits
  • I Ain't Got No Friends Award: Most team kills
  • Welcome Newbie: Lowest score under 100

The Medals System

Players on each team will be rewarded at the end of each match with Medals for outstanding performance. The best player in each class on each team will receive the class medal. There are also medals for Highest Battle Sense and Highest Light Weapons.

The Medals System
Medals Designation
Highest Battle Sense
Highest Battle Sense
Best Engineer
Best Engineer
Best Medic
Best Medic
Best Field Ops
Best Field Ops
Highest Light Weapons
Highest Light Weapons
Best Soldier
Best Soldier
Best Covert Ops
Best Covert Ops


Success on the battlefields of Enemy Territory will depend on your ability to Cooperate, Coordinate and Communicate. Time spent familiarizing yourself with the Voice-Chat keys in particular will greatly increase your enjoyment and success in the game.

Command HQ VO

As you play, you will hear audio messages from your Command HQ, informing you as to the state of the map's objectives, and what you should do next.

  • Say

Hit (Keyboard T) and anything you type will appear as a textline to all players on your server. Global Say text appears in Green.

  • Team Say

Hit (Keyboard Y) to type text messages that only members of your team will be able to see. Team Say text appears in Blue.

  • Voice Chat

Hit (Keyboard V) to bring up the Voice Chat menu. Voice Chat allows you to play audio messages.

  • Fire Teams

As soon as you join a map you'll be prompted if you want to create or join a FireTeam. FireTeams allow you to closely coordinate several different players all over the map. Selected members of your FireTeam will have a large icon over their heads to aid identification. You can send detailed tactical instructions to only your FireTeam and not the rest of your team by using the FireTeam Say or Voice Chat menu.

  • FireTeam Say

Hit (Keyboard U) to type text messages to only members of your FireTeam. FireTeam Say text appears in Yellow.

  • FireTeam Voice Chat

Hit (Keyboard Z) to bring up the Voice Chat menu. This allows you to play audio messages to only the players on your FireTeam.

Calling Votes

Players can call votes to change many options on the game server. If a player has called a vote, the voting message will appear in yellow text on the left side of the screen. To vote, press F1 for "yes" or F2 for "no". To call a vote, press the (ESC) key and click on the Vote button. The voting options include:

  • Misc
  • Map
  • Players

Within each of these categories a variety of votes can be called. The options are self explanatory.


To play Enemy Territory, you must either join a server or start your own. Here's a quick guide to finding servers or creating your own.

Finding a Server

When you first start Enemy Territory, click the "Play Online" option to find a server. You'll be taken to the server browser screen. Here's an explanation of the server browser components.

Play Online

1.Filters : In the "Filters" section, choose what type of servers you want displayed

2. Source: displays Local, Internet, or Favorite servers. Click to change.

3. Gametype: displays only servers running the selected gametype, or "All". Click to change.

4. Filter checkboxes: filters out the following servers from the list - empty or full servers, password-protected servers, servers with Friendly Fire off, max lives enabled, Weapons Restrictions, PunkBuster protected, Anti-Lag and Balance Teams enabled.

5. Server Browser Below the Filters is the server list itself. The list can be sorted according to server name, map name, players, gametype, ping, or filters. You can sort by a specific column by clicking on the column header you wish to sort by. Clicking a server will select it.

6. Refresh List This will re-query the master server, generating a new, updated list of servers according to the filters set.

7. Connect to IP This allows the user to enter the IP address of a specific game server.

8. Server Info This will show you every detail of the Server's settings, rules and configuration. It will also show you the current players on the server.

9. Enable/Disable PunkBuster PunkBuster is a powerful cheat protection technology that prevents dishonest players from gaining an unfair advantage. PunkBuster is NOT enabled by default. Click this button to enable or disable it. Note: many servers will not allow you to join if PunkBuster cheat protection is not enabled.

10. Back This button brings you back to the main screen.

11. Join Server After selecting a server in the server browser, click "Join Server" to begin playing.

Creating a Server

Host game

Hosting Dedicated Servers

There are two types of servers you can create to run Enemy Territory: Listen servers and Dedicated servers. Listen servers allow you to play the game and host it at the same time, while Dedicated servers only host the game. Dedicated servers use fewer resources than Listen servers, and are therefore more stable to play on. Listen servers work well if you're playing on a LAN.

To create a server, click on "Host Game" at the main menu. The "Host Game" screen contains a number of options that allow you to configure the server.

Settings This area allows you to configure the server properties - game type, server name, PunkBuster protection, and more.

Gametype As you change the game type, a list of available maps will appear. Click a map to select it. In Campaign mode, you can select a campaign, which consists of the three maps shown in the right-hand window.

Details This window contains a description of the map and its objectives.

Advanced Clicking this button will take you to a screen that allows you to set more advanced options, such as the Message of the Day, remote console passwords, and more.

Start Server Once you've configured the server, click this button to start it.


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