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Playing Enemy Territory

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Playing Enemy Territory

Enemy Territory's maps can be played in a variety of ways, but mainly involve constructing, destroying or taking Objectives. The objectives can be studied in the Command Map by hitting (G) or the Limbo Menu by hitting (L).

To switch to a weapon or tool

press its corresponding number key or cycle to it using the next/previous weapon keys. To use it, press the fire button. Short taps of the Fire button will fire single shots. Hold down the fire button to fire in a long burst or to use a tool for a longer duration.

Players will suffer damage from weapons (their own team's, as well as the enemy's), from falling from height or drowning. Players can be healed by picking up Health Packs, either from a Medic or from a Health Cabinet.

If a player runs out of health, they die. They can now either be revived by one of their team's Medics, or go back into the Limbo menu and choose another team, class or weapons load-out if they wish. Players in Limbo will respawn in the next reinforcement wave at the Spawn Point they've specified in the Command Map.

Players can always check on the status of objectives and their teammates' locations by checking their Command Map (G). The Command Map will also display any battlefield intelligence gathered by their team's Covert Ops.

Players will be alerted to developments on the battlefield by their Command HQ - automated audio messages telling you the state of play and what your next objective is.

Players can also talk with each other, either by typing text messages (using the T Universal Say or Y Team Say keys) or actuating the pre-recorded voice messages in the Voice Chat menu (V).

Players can also form FireTeams to coordinate their tactics. Players can talk to member of their own FireTeam by using the U FireTeam Say key.

Players will be rewarded for good teamplay with Experience Points, extra skills, promotions and medals at the end of the game.

Don't step on the little flags in the ground - they're Land Mines and they'll kill you!

If you find you can't perform an action or fire a heavy weapon, you probably don't have enough Power Bar.

Building Command Posts will help your team to fight effectively. While not the primary goal of your team, building and protecting your Command Post while destroying the opposing team's Command Post will give your team a definite advantage.


Running, Jumping, Crouching, Leaning, Prone and Crawling

Players move around the battlefield by controlling the direction they face with their mouse or using their direction keys to move in that direction.

Holding down sprint (SHIFT) will give you an extra burst of speed. The Stamina Bar shows how much energy for Sprinting or Jumping you have left. Stamina recharges over time.


is improved if you Crouch or if you go Prone. You can move while Prone by crawling. When crawling, you can't shoot, change weapons, or reload. If you are crouched, you can double tap Forward (W) to enter the Prone position (This option can be changed in the Options Menu). Leaning (Default Q and E) allows you to peer around corners without unduly exposing yourself. The price of presenting a smaller target is that you cannot fire any weapon while you are leaning.