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Planets Mining

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How to set status 1 (activate)

To activate a mining system, you need to occupy/dock with a fleet which contains

the following ship types:

- Survey Team Scout
- Engineering Crew Transport
- Construction Machinery Transport
- Ore Transport (or Heavy Ore Transport)

Types explained

As we can see in the count distribution, the types: 100-105 are the most numerous. count type

  • 728580 | 100
  • 734196 | 101
  • 740003 | 102
  • 740143 | 103
  • 733691 | 104
  • 729183 | 105

This is because these types of planets are also available on the LSP star systems. They are the most common types, and can be summarized as follows:

  • Type 100: common metals (Transition)
  • Type 101: rare earth metals
  • Type 102: inert gases, halogens
  • Type 103: non-metals
  • Type 104: other metals (Alkali Earth, Other)
  • Type 105: alkali metals

These comprise the standard periodic table of elements known to humans.

To build ships capable of spaceflight, so that mining operations can start, there is usually enough materials on the LSP itself, so that a few types of ships:

  • Ore Transport
  • Survey Team Scout
  • Construction Machinery Transport
  • Engineering Crew Transport

Are already available to purchase on the LSP at spawntime. (spaceflight is only available after 100 PhD's though)

Heavier ships, propulsion systems, special shields, weapons, etc. are available once we start mining the heavier planets (types 106-200).


Every LSP has something called STOCKPILES.

once you start exploring around, and you realize that your "ACTIVE" mining outposts are constantly producing ORE. You can then EXTRACT the ore with the Ore Transport ships. And then fly to your nearest LSP, and upon docking, you deposit this ore of each individual ore type in the LSP stockpiles.

At the moment, the ORE -> SHIP CONSTRUCTION relationship is not active, however as we progress in this beta test, we will put it online.