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Party Mode

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Party Mode to increase morale/production

click on the top menu bar in planets that will open your planets listing, with LSP pre-selected.

click on the left on the planet ID you want to manage

make sure you have the following values:

local planet values:

1. > 1,000,000 police ratio (best is 10,000,000) (this means one cop / 10 mill people)
2. 20% tax
3. party check box selected

global reinvestment values:

3. 1% on RSR (means 1 percent tax reinvested into research)
4. 0% on MIL (means 0 percent tax reinvested into your military coffers)
5. 99% on FUN (means 99 percent tax reinvested into FUN)
6. 0% on ALL (means 0 percent tax reinvested into an Alliance)
7. Reinvestment % , set that to 90

then click on update, and wait a few hours. you will see every turn (look at clock on top right) the numbers will increase until your morale is at about 50% then party will stop automagically, and then you have to make the best for good growth. take into consideration that at 50% tax, your population stops growing !