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The Zozzet

The Zozzet is a ship, which is constantly flying around the galaxy at 2.5 SOL. and changing directions at random every few days.

Inside, there is the real ZOZZ, eating chips and drinking beer, and the sneaky bastard has stolen the GALACTIC MAP (CIVILEX)

If you manage to INTERDICT this single-ship-fleet (meaning intercept in a semi-frontal confrontation) You will have gained the CIVILEX, and that gives you FULL VIEW of everyone's known stars and planets. And you have even access to population levels, morale levels, player names, minefields are revealed to you, basically everything.

We could consider you as the "winner of the game" if you find the ZOZZET (and capture it !)

Round Mode

Description of a Round

the game can and will have several objective.

The first one everyone is familiar with is the concept of ROUND.

Depending on our Alpha and Beta mice tests, we will determine the following parameters:

1. the duration of a TURN
2. the max speed the ships can attain

this will dictate THE LENGTH OF A ROUND.

At the end of a ROUND, the winner will for example have:

A.Fighting Wh0rez:

- the most player kills
- the most fleet kills
- the most ship kills
- the most planets conquered from enemy
- the most planets conquered with the most population
- the most anchorages conquered

(etc.... a formula of these will calculate the "current score" of each player)

B.Net Worth Wh0rez:

- the most LSP's active
- the most Mining Outposts
- the most fleets
- the most ships
- the most people
- the highest morale
- the most buildings
- the most cash

(etc... a formula of all of these will give us the "current wealth")

Once we know how much is "appropriate", we will then determine the length of the round, being 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, whatever.

Galaxy Mode


We could conceive super-alliances, with thousands of players, which after conquering 51% of the galaxy, will have WON.

More research into alliance behavior is needed to enable this, and we will always keep this as an option.