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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
  • Author(s) : Nenquel
  • Version : Beta 1
  • Info :

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The town of Negoshk is the mainpoint of the Axis Supplement Routes in the North. Therefore the Allied Forces planned to destroy their ammo depots. To be successful the Allied Forces have to steal a tank right out of an Axis City Outpost to destroy the City Gates to enter the Inner City and destroy the Ammo Depots.

Objective Allied

  1. Steal the tank
  2. Escort the tank
  3. Blow east gate
  4. Blow south gate
  5. Blow ammo depot no.1
  6. Blow ammo depot no.2
  7. Blow ammo depot no.3

Objective Axis

  1. Defend the Tank
  2. Stop the Tank
  3. Defend East Gate
  4. Defend South Gate
  5. Defend Ammo Depot no.1
  6. Defend Ammo Depot no.2
  7. Defend Ammo Depot no.3