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Ultraviolet Movie Mod

Glob-v2-48x48.png Website : ultravioletproductions




  • mm_popUpType [0;1]

Switches between normal ET popUps and CS’ish popUps.

  • mm_drawInfoOverlays [0;1]

Shows Informative Overlays such as following Player “xyz”.

  • mm_grenadeBubbles [0;1]

“effect:” Shows bubbles instead of normal Nade Trail.

  • mm_panzerAnim [<particle>]

“effect:” Replaces the normal Panzerfaust Particles by your own ones. Advanced users only!

  • mm_panzerCam [0;1]

PanzerFaust cam. Very crappy implemented. Use camtrace instead!

  • mm_grenadeCam [0;1]

Grenade cam. Very crappy implemented. Use camtrace instead!

  • mm_drawThirdPersonCrossHair [0;1]

Draw a crosshair while being in ThirdPersonView.

  • mm_fakeNameRoh [0;1]

Prints PlayerNames into the console.
(condump to view colorcodes) this is only intresting for name Replacements.

  • mm_fakeNameReplacedBy [<Name with colorcode>]

Name that replaces the old name.

  • mm_ mm_fakeNameToReplace [<Name with colorcode>]

Name that will be replaced.

  • mm_fakeNames [0;1]

Activate the Name Replace.

  • mm_drawWeaponHud [0;1]

Draws the weapon icon on the screen while being in cg_drawhud 0 Mode.

  • *mm_drawAmmo [0;1]

Draws the Ammo value on the screen while being in cg_drawhud 0 Mode.

*mm_drawHealth [0;1]

Draws the health value on the screen while being in cg_drawhud 0 Mode.

  • mm_clientCoronas [0;1]

Use coronas in the client? (Recommend in ETPRO demos).

  • mm_demoFreecamSpeed [0;1]

Speed with which the cam moves in freecam mode (Bugged!).

  • mm_drawWeapons [0;1]

Removes all weapons from all players (Usefull for animations).

  • mm_backpack [0;1]

Removes the backpacks from the Models. (Usefull for animations)

  • mm_shownades [0;1]

Removes the Nades from the players hand. (Usefull for animations)

  • mm_hitsounds [0;...;2]

ETMAIN hitsounds. (Bugged b_realhead ?!?)
Etpro hitboxes 1 = normal hitsounds, 2 = only headshots.

  • mm_CenterMessageSmallFontSize [int]

Change the centerprint Font size (for small prints only).

  • mm_CenterMessageFontSize [int]

Change the centerprint Font size (for normal prints only).

  • mm_popupTime [int]

Popup delay time. We suggest not to change it.

  • mm_PopupFontSize [float]

Change the Console Popup font size.

  • mm_PopupStayTime [int]

Change the time how long the popup will stay. (in msec)

  • mm_PopupFadeTime [int]

Change the time how long the popup will fade. (in msec)

  • mm_maxPopups [1;...;8]

How many popups?

  • mm_useConsoleFontsForPopups [0;1]

Use console font for the popup instead of normal font (wolfcam)

  • mm_drawPopUps [0;1]

Draw popups at all?

  • mm_drawChatMsg [0;1]

Draw the chatbox?

  • mm_drawYourOwnFragsOnly [0;1]

Draw your own frags only?

  • mm_drawShadowedPopups [0;1]

Use shadowed popups?

mm_drawYouWereKilledMsg [0;1]

Shows you who just killed you.

  • mm_drawVotes [0;1]

May i display Votes?

  • mm_drawOtherMessages [0;1]

May i display Objective and some other Messages?

  • mm_drawPickupMessages [0;1]

May i display Pickup Messages?

  • mm_enableTracers [0;1]

Tracers welcome?

  • mm_drawFollowing [0;1]

Draws the name of the player you are following at the top of the screen (wolfcam).

  • mm_muzzleFlash [0;1]

You want muzzleflash?

  • mm_execAtTimeVal [readONLY]

Which cfg will be executed?

  • mm_execAtTimeTime [readONLY]

When will we execute that cfg?

  • mm_execAtTime [readOnly]

Are we execing smth at a specific time?

  • mm_useETDemoBinds [0;1]

Would you like to use standard et Demo binds?

  • mm_standardGlowSkin [0;...;4] // nullskillz version.

Available colors: green, red, blue, silver.

  • mm_useLightyGlowSkins [0;1]

Boost lights on players.

  • mm_useGlowSkins [0;2]
  1. only on revives and repawn,
  2. permanent skins.

  • mm_debugErrors [0;1]

Shows debug stuff in console.

  • mm_fakelag [0;1]


  • mm_forward




Updated Freecam.

/demoFF [seconds]

Forward the demo xx seconds.

/ demoInfo

Only functional with the Media Manager by uv (gets released later) or with the MovieMaker which you can find here


Camtrace is also supported


Allows you to exec a specific file at a specific time.


Displays the current demoFrame. USE cg_drawSnapshot 1 instead!


Shows you the players and its IDS / you can use the new Scoreboard aswell for that

/follow (wolfcam)

follow other players (note not all mmMod features will work in wolfcam mode)


Jumps Right to the Frag. ( If ET has this info available)

/setMark <”short Description”>

You can set a Mark @ the Current Position, the MediaManager will recognize that then.

/scanDemo [playerID] [Number of frags >= 1]

[Time for the spree in seconds] [timescale factor]
Scans for frags from the player’s ID with more or equal to the Number of frags value. /players command. Dont use too high timescales on lower machines

For example: Player id = 10; minfrags = 2; spreetime = 20 sec; timescale = 50 scandemo 10 2 20 50

The output will then be stored in uvMovieMod\demoInfos\*.demoscan
(Those are textfile and you can open them with notepad)



<x y z> : <y p r> : FrameNumber (needed for the exec_at_time feature)

Replace Names

Create a cfg with the following cvars: THIS IS NOT AVI in the pub rls!

mm_fakeNames "1" /toggle this to 1 and exec the cfg and it will be active.
mm_fakeNameToReplace "ETPlayer"
mm_fakeNameReplacedBy "blabla"

Record your own frags only

For that I made 2 cfgs, one for cleaning up old frags and the waiting loop, and the second for the actual popUp settings.

Clear the console:

seta mm_popUpStayTime        "0"  // 0 for cleanup
seta mm_popUpFadeTime        "0"  // 0 for cleanup
seta mm_maxPopUps            "6"  // stays the same
seta mm_drawPopUps           "0"  // 0 for cleanup
seta mm_drawChatMsgs         "0"  // chat yes no?
seta mm_drawYourOwnFragsOnly "0"  // 0 for cleanup
seta mm_drawOtherMessages    "0"  // obj msgs?
seta mm_drawPickUpMessages   "1"  // pickups?

Record settings:

seta mm_popUpStayTime        "99999" // will never dissapear
seta mm_popUpFadeTime        "99999" // will never fade
seta mm_maxPopUps            "6"     // 6 Popups
seta mm_drawPopUps           "1"     // ahm yes please
seta mm_drawChatMsgs         "0"     // chat yes no? No thanks
seta mm_drawYourOwnFragsOnly "1"     // yep
seta mm_drawOtherMessages    "0"     // nope (not tested with cs console)
seta mm_drawPickUpMessages   "0"     // nope (not tested with cs console)