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Ultraviolet Movie Maker

Glob-v2-48x48.png Website : ultravioletproductions


Ultraviolet Movie Maker

The program needs Download Framework Version 2.0

When you start the soft for the first time, you should get a message that it would be good to do the settings right now. Since this makes sense,I'm going to explain you the settings now.

You should now see the following screen:


Here you will find a download Link for the q3font File . If you are not using this file or if you are using another version of that file, the console font creation process can fail.


  • Specify the location of the file


Specify the location of your ET.exe . Note that the MOD directory will be filled out from the soft. If you change your MOD the soft will handle all the changes for you and update the paths. The Media Library will be created by the soft too.

  • Now press OK or just use the Menu to get to the Home Panel. By pressing the Clear Button,all settings will be resetted.

Main Screen

The Main Screen should look like that:

Main Screen

After we finished our settings we are now able to actually use the software.
As you can see we haven’t yet loaded any font in the game. We can do this by Selecting a font from wether the HUD or the Console Font Media Browser.
After you applied the font it will be set as the current font in the Current Font Box.
You can remove this font (get it back to the Media Browser) by clicking the red cross.
If you only want to change the font, just select the desired font from the Media Browser Apply it again.
On the down left side you can get some information about the soft and the current Mod.
Now we are going to create a HUD font. You can select that from the Options Menu.

HUD Font Creation

HUD Font Creation

You can now select a font (every font that is recognized by windows will be available) And press Select to activate and load it. If you want to pack the file on the fly, just toggle The checkbox. Otherwise you’ll be creating a plain TGA file. If you want to copy the File directly to the Media Library, just toggle the checkbox otherwise you will have to choose a location to save the file.
By double – clicking a font in the Fonts List, you will open the Font Browser.