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ministers introduction

A WAR MINISTER COSTS 20000MZ TO HIRE AND AN INTERIOR MINISTERS COSTS 10000MZ, BOTH USE THE SHOWN SALARY! ministers can be hired to help you manage your empire. currently available:

war ministers and interior ministers

  - max 5 for players with phd < 5000
  - max 10 for players with phd > 5000

hire a war minister, assign him to a created fleet, assign him a fleet set to buy/launch and he will buy and launch ships as long you have the necessary funds.

steps to enable a war minister

The War Minister is able to order SHIPS for you, and enlist the ships into an existing fleet docked at your LSP.

  • step 1, create a fleet set (remember the name) <= your space port limit (in arsenal)
  • step 2. create fleet in desired planet
  • step 3. make sure arsenal and space port in the desired planet are empty
  • step 4. hire minister in that planet id (by selecting the planet id from the orders column)
  • step 5. select the fleet set name, and the target fleet name
  • step 6. activate !

this feature is only available to gold members !