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Medivak's guide

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Medivak’s guide to being a good medic who heals good and stuff

This guide is just a collection of tips specifically aimed at the player who like to play the medic class as a healing role

Experienced players will know most of this, but I still see lots of people on B1 that could stand to hear some of this. Even if you can't shoot for crap, following these tips will have you maxing out your medic XP in less than a full map, as well as racking up best medic awards and the respect of your teammates.

A few notes to start with

  • A Rambo medic is a player who chooses the medic class primarily for the higher max health, the ability to self heal, and the ability to use adren, so that they can kill more effectively. I have absolutely no problem with Rambo meds and think they are an integral part to most strategic efforts. This guide if for people who want to heal better, not for me to tell you how to play or to not Rambo. I like to Rambo too sometimes.
  • I do not claim to be the best medic on B1, or even the 10th best. If you think I’m wrong about something, chime in and correct me!
  • This guide is primarily written for ETPub type game-play.
  • This is a work in progress.

Rule #1

The absolute most important thing is to adopt the mentality that your primary job is to heal, and then to take pride in that job. This certainly doesn’t mean you always have to heal first (more on this later) but you should train yourself over time to take more pride in a revive than a kill. I don’t look at my K:d ratio, I look at my syringe hits.

Spam health packs in smart places

  • Try to find where the heaviest fighting is, stand well behind your teammates on the front lines, and throw health packs at them. It’s that easy. This is probably the best thing you can do for your team, other than protecting an engineer doing something important.

  • Don’t just litter your packs on the ground anywhere. Put them in smart places where you know that your friends will need them. Put them around constructible objectives, or near mg placements for example.

  • If you have a lot of people with high XP on your team, go ahead and drop health packs in your spawn as you exit. This is because you will have teammates with level 3 battle sense, which gives them a slightly higher health, but they don’t spawn with a full health bar. However, if your team has little XP, don’t bother.

  • Do not leave health packs where the enemy is likely to use them. The best example is the vault on gold rush. Thoughtless medics will litter the floor with health packs, which only wind up helping the people trying to steal the gold.

  • Try to throw health packs to your teammates. Your teammates, while whining about how the medics on their team suck, will basically do everything they can to NOT pick up the health packs you throw for them. Even good players will run right past them, often not realizing they even need them. It sucks for you, but when you can, try to actually hit your teammates with the packs. Plus they’ll notice you more often and think you are super cool.

  • Do not throw health packs on the ground near health cabinets. It’s a complete waste in most situations.

Use the damn needle

You can use your needle to heal teammates when their health is very low. Learn exactly what a health bar looks like when it’s low enough to use your needle, and then use it, especially if you have full revive.

If their health is slightly too high to use the needle, give them one bullet somewhere below the shoulders (without killing them) and then use the needle. Do not use a knife as this tends to freak people out (they think you are an enemy covert ops). Just shoot them while moving towards them, pull out the needle and stick them. It should be one motion. Many people will know what you are doing.

If you are trying to needle someone and they won’t stand still, DO NOT CHASE THEM with your needle. This WILL get you killed. You can let them go and help someone else, you can throw packs at them, or you can shoot them dead and revive them this is called a TK revive. A few notes:

Do not TK revive covert ops in stolen uniforms, because they lose it and will hate you.

Also, some admins frown on this practice. If you get warned for TK-reviving, just do as you are told. However, you will find that as you develop a reputation for good medic play, nobody will care anymore if you TK revive.

Know your teammates and help them selectively

I know it sounds harsh, but some of your teammates don’t deserve your help, at least not when compared to the other people on your team actually doing something. This means you need to know who on your team is all about winning maps (and knows how to do that) and who is just wasting a slot.

There are a few general rules of thumb (though they are by no means universal)

  1. Engineers are almost always your priority on offense. Learn who the best engineers are and stay near them when you can.
  2. Snipers should be your last priority. Maybe there is a l33t sniper really helping your boys out, but I doubt it. I basically don’t heal snipers, because when I do, I just feel guilty that I’m not in a position to do something more productive.
  3. Don’t be scared to heal other medics. I know you don’t get any precious XP but healing other medics is usually a good idea, but only if there aren’t other worthwhile people to heal.

Tapping out

Don’t forget that when you tap out, you scatter a few medic packs on the ground. Thus, some times it’s best to tap out before the spawn timer hits 0 in order to let someone else have those packs. Conversely, sometimes it’s best NOT to tap until later than you normally would to avoid giving the enemy any help (e.g. your friend bob is in a close smg battle with a bad guy and the bad guy is basically right on top of your near dead body don’t tap out!).


For good medics, the glory is in reviving fallen comrades. However, when to revive is not always cut and dry.

First, don't get tunnel vision. The injured player isn't moving, so you don't need to look at him while moving towards him to heal. Stay away of your surroundings. Recognize that the enemy knows where you are going, so don't make an easy target as enemies often camp bodies (and not every one is savy enough to tap if camped). Also, keep your gun out till the last moment..running with your needle out is a sure fire way to get pwnd.

Get into the habit of kneeling as you revive. This will improve your accuracy with the needle and make it easier to use the revivee as a shield (see below). Proning can also be effective though I rarely do it (thanks Wookie).

Often times you are faced with a situation where you need to revive someone, but you are getting shot at. There is no universal rule for when to shoot back first and revive later or vise versa. People who don’t play medics will authoritatively tell you that you should revive teammates first, then shoot. Immediately tell them to stfu! Just try to use good judgment and you’ll get a feel for when to do what.

If you are not a very good shooter and your fallen teammate is, you might revive them, sacrificing yourself in the process. If that teammate is a medic, you can have a little more confidence in this action, as they are likely to revive you in turn if you do in fact go down.

However, if you are a good shooter and are confident that you can end the fight and then revive, feel free. Or you can keep shooting at least until you get closer to your fallen teammate.

On the flip side of this, if another medic gets themselves killed reviving you, try to pop up with your needle ready to quickly revive them in turn. I’ve seen teams of 2 and 3 medics absolutely dominate their enemies by doing this.

One last thing to consider is whether you can effectively use your teammate as a shield. This is a great trick you revive your teammate and keep them between you and your enemy, using their invulnerable status as a shield. Keep in mind though that this only last 3 seconds and invariably your teammate is going to very quickly move out of the way as soon as they can.

These days I tend to (most of the time) keep shooting while working my way towards the fallen teammate, the once I get close I revive them, and use them as a shield. This gets a pretty consistent good result.

Get a 5 button mouse

Just go get one. Have fire, pistols, smg, health packs, and the revive needle bound to your mouse buttons. Don’t bind adren. If you absolutely can’t get a 5 button mouse, PLEASE learn to use the number keys to switch between inventory items, do not use the stupid mouse wheel. However, if you play medic a lot and have never tried a 5 button mouse, I guarantee the next day after buying one you will absolutely pwn as a medic.

Minimize using health packs on yourself

Your health recharges fairly quickly. Take advantage of this and save your health packs for you teammates. If you are primarily playing a support/healing role, this is fairly safe to do in most situations. If you do need to use your own packs, KEEP moving and run over them as you throw them in front of you. Don’t just stand there and heal up unless you are in a very safe place and don’t need to be anywhere else.

Throw health packs at poisoned teammates

This will cure them. In turn, make sure you don’t throw health packs at poisoned enemies.

Gib enemies

If your are positioned behind the fighting, throwing health packs and supporting your team, look out for ungibbed enemy bodies and gib them so the front line fighters can keep shooting at the live ones.


OK, after all your hard work spamming health packs and reviving thankless teammates, you get the holy grail of W:ET perks Adrenaline. Time to pwn? NO. Adrenaline is for losers and mass reviving. Every time you stick that needle in your arm you FAIL to accomplish several things.

  1. You are likely trying to get kills, which means you are violating Rule #1 (see above).
  2. You are wiping out your recharge bar so you can’t throw packs. Sure, you might kill a few more guys than you would have normally, but unless you are a truly skilled dealer of death, just skip the temptation of using your adren and keep doing your job. More bad guys will die in the end.

However, there are some legit times to pop that needle in your arm:

  1. When running objectives.
  2. When your team is pinned down in the spawn area and you desperately need to push the enemy back.
  3. When you need to revive a key teammate (usually the engineer).
  4. When you see multiple teammates needing to be revived on your radar




You can find more information concerning Medivak's guide to the healing medic on the forum Bunker Gaming

or contact directly Medivak for more explanation.