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Media Manager

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Media Manager
Media Manager

Subscriber-inessential.png Developer(s) : Hannes
Notes-icone-9348-32.png Version : 3.0
Glob-v2-48x48.png Website :



Media Manager allows you to sort , scan, search and manage your id Tech3 net demos.It is designed to maximize speed , efficiency and reliability.With Media Manager 3.0 , it is only a matter of minutes to find your favorite frag scenes.

Quick Starter guide

If you are using windows vista or later, you have to launch the Program with Administrator rights, this is because the software needs to create additional folders at runtime.

  • start the MediaManager.exe
  • Click on the Settings Menu
  • Fill in you ET or Q3 DEMO Directory. (e.g: c:\\games\ET\etpro)
  • Adjust the Filter and ScanFolder settings and then close the Dialog again

Supported Demo Types

Enemy Territory(Protocol 83 / 84 / ETTV)

Quake 3 (all known protocols and mods)

  • Cut Demos
  • Modify Demos
  • Scan Demos
  • Frag Scan Demos
  • Player Info
  • Play Demos
  • Complete ChatLog

Quake Live

  • Scan Demos
  • Player Info
  • Complete ChatLog

RTCW (all known protocols and mods)

  • Scan Demos
  • Player Info
  • Play Demos
  • Complete ChatLog

Quick overview

  • Playback Demos from any directory
  • Remote control over ET and Q3 directly from the Mediamanager (Play, forward / jump) demos
  • Comment your demos, comments are stored eventho you move the demo to another directory
  • Rate your demos, ratings are stored eventho you move the demo to another directory
  • Easy navigation within the folders (XP like, Backspace = one directory up)
  • Rename / Delete Demos
  • Detailed Server Information
  • Player Information (kills / deaths)
  • Frag history for each player
  • Ability to scan for Fragsprees from any player in the demo
  • Complete Chatlog (Server, Chat, Teamchat)
  • Filters the are applied on the fly. Searching for maps / demos / players made is easy as never before
  • Export the demo as an XML file, so other tools can easily postproccess this information

Demo Cache

Every scanned demo is backed up in a SQLite Database. This enables a great variety of additional features and the Demo Information can be ported to any other program.

The Table schema :

CREATE TABLE Demo (id integer PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT,name varchar NOT NULL,demoID varchar NOT NULL,clientNumber integer NOT NULL,frameCountinteger)

CREATE TABLE Player (id integer PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT,demoID integer NOT NULL,cleanName varchar NOT NULL ,clientNumber integer NOT NULL,damageGiven integer NOT NULL,damageTaken integer NOT NULL,deaths integer NOT NULL,efficiency integer NOT NULL,gibs integer NOT NULL,infoString varchar NOT NULL,kills integer NOT NULL,name varchar NOT NULL,score integer NOT NULL,selfkills integer NOT NULL,teamDamage integer NOT NULL,teamkills integer NOT NULL)

CREATE TABLE Popup (id integer PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT,demoID integer NOT NULL,attackerID integer NOT NULL,attackerName varchar NOT NULL,cleanPopup varchar NOT NULL,popup varchar NOT NULL,targetID in-teger NOT NULL,targetName varchar NOT NULL,time integer NOT NULL,timeString varchar NOT NULL,weapon in- teger NOT NULL),

CREATE TABLE ServerCommand (id integer PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT,demoID integer NOT NULL,fullCommand varchar NOT NULL,message varchar NOT NULL,name varchar NOT NULL,gameState integer NOT NULL,timeString varchar NOT NULL,number integer NOT NULL)

SQL Backend

Media Manager supports SQL queries of any kind. Experienced SQL user can query their cache and build the listview from those queries.

Frag Scan Demos

  • Demos can be scanned and frag scanned.
  • Scanning a demo will build the cache which can then be used to frag scan a demo.
  • Frag scan results will be stored in the Application Folder/fragScans directory.

Note A demo must be scanned before it can be frag scanned.

Search in Demos

Demos can either be search with the SQL Backend, or by entering the search query into the search Textbox. This search supports the following options

  • Demo name
  • Client name
  • Map name
  • Server name
  • Client count
  • Server config
  • Game name
  • Demo length
  • Player names
  • Chat List

The Listview can be reset, by entering an empty search query.

Import and Export Demos

You can select demos in the List and mark (Right click on that demo or demos and add them to the Export List) them for backup / export.
After entering the Export Modus (File -> Export) you can choose a location for your backup.
The software will now zip the demos and its demo Info and saves them to the chosen directory.
You can of course also import Demos from a Zip file.
(File -> Import) These Demos will be stored in your Game Demo directory and will be available for playback right away.

Known Issues

If you experience any bugs, please feel free to report them to:

INCLUDING the debug.txt in the /core directory!