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Marrakech Streets 2 Night

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Marrakech Streets 2 Night
Marrakech streets2 night.jpg
Ico ET.gif Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Subscriber-inessential.png Author(s) : Avoc
Notes-icone-9348-32.png Version : Final
Glob-v2-48x48.png Website :


Briefing.png Map Story

Allied intelligence has learned of the existence of Operation Hitlers Beard, a top secret project that the Axis top minds have been working on. If the Allied command could get there hands on the information contained within these files it would help them plan for a swifter and more decisive victory in the entire North Africa campaign. The Allies have put together a small strike force to attempt to break through the Axis defenses and steal the documents they are guarding. Needless to say, the Axis soldiers can not allow this to happen, and must defend the town at all costs.

Map Objectives

Allies.png Allied Objectives

  1. Escort the tank passed the barrier
  2. Escort the tank to the town gate and destroy them
  3. Destroy the back door entrance
  4. Destroy the entrance to the laboratory and get the document case
  5. Take the documents back out through the gate to a waiting truck

Axis.png Axis Objectives

  1. Don't let the tank get passed the barrier
  2. Stop the Allies from destroying the town gate
  3. Protect the back door entrance
  4. Guard the laboratory entrance
  5. Don't let the Allies escape with the document case

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