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Map Environment

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Map Environment

The various arenas contain many features and hazards. Some are ordinary things that hardly merit mention, others are extremely deadly menaces capable of quickly fragging the reckless, and a few fall somewhere in the middle.

Map Environment
Map Description
Acceleration Pad Acceleration Pad: Acceleration pads propel you through the air at a high velocity as soon as you step onto them. Think of them as high tech jump ramps
Doors Doors: Doors in the arena come in many shapes and sizes. Most open when you move near them. Others remain closed until a button or other trigger activate them. A standard door will open if it's shot.
Fog of Death Fog of Death: These swirling crimson vapors are highly caustic and faintly radioactive. They dissolve flesh and will quickly kill any gladiator, regardless of armor or other protection.
Gate Gate: A gate is a portal allowing gladiators to move instantly from one part of the arena to another. These are very much like teleporters (see below) but allow you to see the area to which it leads.
Jump Pad (JP) Jump Pad (JP): Similar to acceleration pads, a jump pad uses a powerful pulse of anti-gravity particles to propel anyone who steps on it high into the air.
Lava Lava: In some arenas, gladiators will be forced to deal with streams or pools of molten rock. Anyone foolish enough to step into lava without the protection of a Battle Suit (see Power-Ups) will suffer an amazing amount of damage.
Platforms Platforms: Platforms are elevators and transports within the arena that are constantly in motion. Some bob up and down, while others go back and forth.
Slime Slime: This green ooze is highly acidic and consumes

flesh at an incredible rate. The only way to move safely through slime is with the protection of a Battle Suit (see Power-Ups).

Teleporter (TP) Teleporter (TP): A teleporter is similar to a gate, allowing gladiators to instantly travel from one point in the arena to another. You can't see where a teleporter leads, however, until you step into it.
Triggers Triggers: Triggers often take the form of a button or pressure plate. When activated, they cause something to happen (usually nearby). Some triggers activate when touched, others must be fired on.
Voids Voids: In some cases, an arena will seem to be nothing more than a series of platforms adrift in space. A poorly aimed jump or misstep will send gladiators plunging to their deaths in the all-consuming void.
Water Water: Scattered pools and canals can be found in many of the arenas. Although these are safe to swim in, a careless gladiator can drown if he remains underwater too long without a Battle Suit (see Power-Ups).