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Subscriber-inessential.png Developer(s) : Eric Kilfoil & Daniel Sloof
Notes-icone-9348-32.png Version : 1.2
Glob-v2-48x48.png Website :



Mangler is an open source VOIP client capable of connecting to Ventrilo 3.x servers. It is capable of performing almost all standard user functionality found in a Windows Ventrilo client.

New features

  • ALSA support
  • OSSv4 support
  • A new configuration file system. Your config file will be automatically migrated from ~/.manglerrc to a newly created directory of ~/.mangler
  • The “send silenty” option is available for setting comments
  • An on-screen display (overlay) is available
  • Support for the celt codec (note that the Windows/Mac client will not be able to hear this)
  • You can right click on the status icon to mute or quickly open the settings window
  • You can adjust the master volume by using the mouse scroll wheel on the status icon
  • The server ban list editor is available
  • The server properties editor is available
  • You can specify command line arguments to automatically connect to a server at startup
  • Channel mute is supported
  • User mute state is remembered
  • Ability to record to VRF format (compatible with the Windows/Mac client)
  • Some TTS notifications
  • User paging support
  • Music player integration for Rhythmbox (show the currently playing song)
  • Voice activation for transmit
  • Support for setting a default channel at login. Right click on the channel and select “set default”
  • Allow custom ALSA device names to be entered
  • Fix clipping on amplification
  • Added a VU meter to show outbound transmission signal strength
  • Added a CLI jukebox client that will play MP3s to a channel and accept commands via global chat
  • Channel editor, user editor, and rank editor is available for admins
  • Ability to compile libventrilo3 on Apple platforms
  • Added support for many admin functions in libventrilo3 (see the wiki for details)
  • Master volume control
  • Accessibility fixes for orca users
  • Per-user volume settings are saved across restarts
  • Channel passwords are saved across restarts
  • New admin button to log in as a server admin
  • Added an [ADMIN] flag if the user is logged in as a server admin
  • Added an [A] channel flag if you’re an admin on a specific channel
  • Admin users can drag/drop users into channels
  • Admin users can kick and ban users via right-click menu
  • Channel admins can move users between channels if they have appropriate access
  • Rank tags are prepended to the user’s name in the channel list
  • Users are now sorted alphabetically in the channel list
  • Added ability to mute a specific user via the right-click menu
  • Traffic statistics added to the server panel on the GUI
  • Private chat is available
  • Added Mute Mic and Mute Sound checkboxes to the main GUI window
  • The Server Config is now split into tabs so it will be less cluttered
  • Auto-reconnect on disconnect and kick
  • Transmit button is now “sticky.” Pressing will toggle transmit.



  • G15 Keyboard support (requires g15daemon to be running)


Debian Based Packages (Ubuntu, Mint, etc)

Fedora Core


Screenshot Mangler