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BunkerGaming Community Wiki
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Welcome to BunkerGaming Community Wiki

About Us

Bunker Gaming Community is a sizable group of individuals from all over the world who share a common interest in playing Enemy Territory , we've multiple servers in Europe and America running this classic game. We also have a Minecraft server.

Our servers

Bunker #1 PUB XP Save Address:

Bunker #2 PUB XP Save Address:

Bunker #4 PUB XP Save Address:

Bunker #10 PUB XP Save Address:

Teamspeak 3 IP: or

a list complete of our servers is accessible on our forum
Bunker Servers
Article, category.
Bunker Members
Bunker Members
A list complete of our Members with level corresponding.
Tutorials, Ressources for Mappers , Map Enemy Territory
Bunker Faq
Bunker Faq
Frequently asked question....
Bunker Rules
Bunker Rules
Bunker Rules available in various language
Bunker Rules
Forum Terms & Rules
Rules Registration on our forum



  • ET 2.60d for Linux [1]
  • ET 2.60d for OSX [2]
  • ET 2.60b for Windows [3]


Our Members play a multitude of game , If your ready for a challenge , ask here

Games Past and Present

old games used on Bunker by the past.

Hints & Tips

Need help for a config ? Want share ?

Want Contribute ?

We really appreciate any help you can give on the wiki..
You can contribute in various way , here or in our forum.
Share the news about recent events or current activities taking place.

Technical Support

Can't solve a problem or find an answer to your question? Our Technical Support can help provide solutions to your problems.

Remember to search before posting

want help us ?. Anything you can provide is appreciated, thanks!

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