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MLB Hotchkiss

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MLB Hotchkiss
Mlb hotchkiss.jpg
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Subscriber-inessential.png Author(s) : MLB Teams
Notes-icone-9348-32.png Version : Final
Glob-v2-48x48.png Website :


Briefing.png Map Story

Allied headquarters has send a squad of troops to Saint-Denis, France, to help defend the latest missile prototype at the Hotchkiss Missile Factory

Map Objectives

Allies.png Allied Objectives

Don't let axis fight their way across the Factory. Protect the missile prototype and its launcher at all costs

  1. Don't let axis breach the factory entrance gates
  2. Protect the explosive charges in the office
  3. Don't let axis blow the factory main wall
  4. Defend the missile silo

Axis.png Axis Objectives

Breach the factory entrance and destroy the missile launcher

  1. Gain the forward spawn by breaching the factory entrance gates
  2. Load 2 explosive charges onto the detonator
  3. Arm the bomb in order to blow the main factory wall
  4. Destroy the missile silo

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