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Lynxx's Clean-ET

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Lynxx's Clean-ET

Subscriber-inessential.png Developer(s) : Lynxx
Notes-icone-9348-32.png Version : 1.29
Glob-v2-48x48.png Website :
Home-home-page-onebit-icone-5226-32.png Forum discussion : bunkergaming


Lynxx's Clean-ET

The program needs Download NET-Framework 2.0

if you dont got it, it will be automatically downloaded & installed. (NET-Framework is like what is JDK for java). But it's best to install it first, because you can choose your language.

Quick tutorial

  • Select your servers, additional pk3's if you like, press CleanET, when it's finished, select the server you want to join and press StartET.
  • Since ages there is a bug in enemy territory, causing it to create many different errors when there are to many pk3's in your etmain-directory.

The only 'quick and dirty' method to fix it, is to reinstall et and download all maps again.

  • I started to move the files to a storage folder by hand and only keep those needed by my favorite servers, this tool makes the same for you automatically. You can select from standard-servers or add your own, your selection/servers will be saved in a configfile. Files which partially match the name will also be moved, because there are more and more pk3s with the same name but different content.
  • It's also possible to select some pk3 which you want to keep even if they are not used by a server, this is for soundpacks/skins.

This selection will also be saved in a configfile.

  • Finally when you click 'Clean ET' it will move the unnecessary files to 'storage', needed to etmain and even download pk3 who are missing or create a downloadlist for leechget and so on.
  • Neat side-effect when you got fewer pk3's in etmain: et will start quicker and use less memory.
  • This is Giftware, if you use it, it would be nice if you contribute me something. Code & gfx by Holger 'Lynxx' Hippenstiel.Music by Dees Productions - originals by Fanta / Plush.If your house burns or your cat cries I'm not responsible.
  • It will look every day for updates, and ask you if you want to install it (if a new version is available).
  • It's might not be 100% bugfree, tested with dual-core cpu and because it uses multithreading sometimes it will take a few secs till threads (getting server, maps & directory-lists in background) are in sync again.Would be nice if you got some extra ideas or report some bugs, have fun !

Version 1.29

  • Changed in Exclude-List where always taken, even if the window was canceled, fixed.
  • Added 342 rcon-commands to an auto-completing combo box, if you begin typing a command it will immediately show all commands/cvars which could match and you could select one (cursor down or with mouse) or keep typing.
  • Fixed server-communication for longer output (for example pb_sv_plist).
  • Process communication improved, shorter wait times when changing windows.
  • Added Refresh-Button in the Server-Window, which regrets server-status, playerlist and so on ..
  • Added 33 mods to profile-window, vars are saved already, only problem left - where to store duplicates from mods, not sure if a global storage would be a good idea - because some files are needed for multiple mods, or maybe files from storage should not be moved but copied instead. Or maybe i'll do sub-folders in storage, but then again files would be stored/downloaded multiple times.
  • Added Finger-command to the server list (of course server must support it).
  • Added Exclude-List in Maps list-Window.
  • There you can add all Files with wild cards you don't want, for example:News ,ZBunkerRemix ,s_Konigstigers or whatever you like - but dont overdo it - if the server needs the file, ET must download it again.
  • B5 download-URL corrected.All HTML-server output converted to lowercase.
  • Windows are not topmost anymore.Splash-Window will show which server is scanned in the moment.
  • Fixed Window behavior - now Main window will be hidden when sub window opened and not blocking anymore, this way it possible for example as admin/players to just let it run in the back and take a look at the slots or who's on the servers.Window-Positions now default to Windows-Default.
  • No more transparent Window, normal Windows-Window now - which you can move around/minimize and so on.

Sound/Module-Support removed completely, because it makes problems on 64-bit systems and will on Linux.B64 removed.New Back picture.

  • Profile-Window implemented - you can start CleanET with -p 0..99
  • Or start CleanET select the Profile and do clean or start et.
  • Please note: Each Profile has it's own Server & Maps-List - this means user-added servers are only available in the current selected profile.

And if you enter passwords for a server, it will only be available for this profile.

  • Splash-Window while scanning the selected servers at the begin (reading pk3-list from many servers can take some secs).
  • All Windows now show in Taskbar.
  • Server and Mapslist are now real windows and are dynamically sized - which means you can resize them freely / maximize them.
  • Downloaded file will now always have the extension .tmp added, this way if CleanET crashes while downloading incomplete file will be removed when restarting.
  • .tmp Files are deleted recursive in et-dir when CleanET starts.
  • Passwords for rcon & reserved-slot in ET-Clean_server.cfg are now encrypted, so if someone takes a look in the file he wont be able to read them. (Maybe i add an optional user-pw later on).
  • Fixed a little bug when file size is only byte / made little improvements more error checks while reading HTML.
  • Removed a possible bug when using Design-Classes from Serverwindow in Mapswindow. (For the experts: cross-reference design-template).
  • Profile-Window graphical design complete (including a 'Play music' Button ), but implementation not yet ready.
  • Added an requester when there are NO servers selected, to ask you if you really only want to keep base-files. (For those ppl who just install and click CleanET).
  • By default now ALL Bunker-servers are selected.
  • Added Server-Info display to serverlist (Players, Slots and so on ..)
  • Only 1 music, which fits the tool more.
  • ET-Clean_server.cfg not compatible with older versions, because you now can also set password & rconpassword for servers.


-n = No music
-s N = Server number to select at begin/for autostart, default is first selected server in serverlist.
-c Start cleaning immediately
-e Start cleaning and start ET immediately

You could for example do:

CleanET -s 2 -e

  • which will clean et immediately and download any missing maps and start et (with set password/rconpass).
  • More than 2000 ppl use Clean-ET, but none supports my work.That's why i added a Paypal-Button/Small Browser.


  • Added Player-List to serverlist
  • Private Slots are allways green.
  • Axis light blue
  • Allies are yellow
  • Spectators are red
  • Connecting Players/downloaders are purple.
  • Added minimal rcon-commandline to serverlist, simply type your command, output goes in the textbox below.
  • Added 'Kick' command (menu-popup) in Playerlist if you got rcon for a server, which results in:


  • Fixed a possible Invoke-Bug.
  • Fixed Server & Maplist only disable main window at first time opened.
  • The download-music will now start immediately,because it takes some time to read the server & map-list for the first time,this way you know it's running and will pop up shortly.