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Limbo Menus

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The Campaign Map

The Map is color-coded by geographical zone, not national boundaries or historical affiliation. North Africa is sandy, Northern Europe is snowy and wet.

The Campaign Map

The Limbo Menu

The Limbo Menu


  • This is where you gain information about the battlefield and your mission objectives.

1. Filtering options: Show/Hide Axis, Allied and Capturable Spawns, Constructible Command Posts, Health and Ammo Cabinets, Constructible/Destructible Objectives and any Stealable Objectives.


2. Toggle through Primary and Secondary Objectives: this shows you what each Team must accomplish in the map.

3. Play Audio Briefing: this plays or mutes the Audio Briefing describing the impending battle.

4. Objective Camera: this will show you how each Objective appears in the Map. It is a realtime game camera that shows the status of each objective.


5. Skills (Battle Sense, Light Weapons, Active Class Skill), XP: Experience Points, Medals won, Profile Name.

6. Team: Allies/Axis/Spectator

   You can use Spectator Mode to observe gameplay without participating. The lamp shows which team has been selected. The counters show how many players are on each team.

7. Class: Soldier, Medic, Engineer, Field Ops, Covert Ops Also includes Active Class Skill level, indicated by quartered backlights. The counters show how many players of each class are on the current team.

8. WEAPON SELECTOR (click to pull out)

  • Weapon choice is limited by Class
* 1 indicates Primary Weapon
* 2 indicates Secondary Weapon (usually a pistol)
  • Shots Fired, Hits Scored, and Accuracy percentage let you keep track of your accuracy and effectiveness.
  • Some servers may have a limit on the number of certain types of weapons that can be chosen.

9. OK: accepts the current Team, Class and Weapon settings and proceeds to the game.

10. Cancel: takes you back to the game without applying any changes.