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Subscriber-inessential.png Developer(s) : Clan FU
Glob-v2-48x48.png Website :

What is Jaymod

Jaymod is an add-on modification to RTCW: Enemy Territory. The idea for Jaymod came from the main features of Shrubmod. Shrubmod has long been out of date and unsupported, and with the instability issues that come with Shrubmod, something had to be done to get a Shrub-like server-side mod that would provide most of Shrub’s features, be stable, and be supported. This mod has, obviously, outgrown the original objective of being server-side only. Some of the ideas I wanted to implement could not be done with server code only, so the decision was made to start working on the client end as well. I wanted this to be as easy as possible for end users, and now only one pak needs to be downloaded (on the fly) to be able to play this mod. With most of Shrub’s implementation complete, the focus has shifted to the requests of the community, many of which mirror features already implemented in ETPro. This mod is becoming a rather well-rounded game play mod as a result. It is seeing more and more options that might be deemed competition-minded while maintaining its fun factor for pub environments.

Where can I download Jaymod?

Jaymod and all neccessary documentation is available for download at its site at jaymod. You may find versions available elsewhere on the internet, but if at all possible download it from Jaymod’s homepage, as you are most likely to get the most up-to-date version.

Features of version 2.x.x

  • Class Stealing
  • Corpse Dragging
  • Double Jump
  • Hitsounds
  • Killing Sprees
  • Obituaries
  • Alternate HUD
  • Watermarks
  • Panzer War
  • Sniper War
  • Poison Syringes
  • Adrenaline Sharing
  • Goomba Killing
  • S-Type Mines
  • Poison Gas Mines
  • Winchester M97 Shotgun
  • Throwing Knives
  • Poison Throwing Knives
  • Live Uniform Stealing
  • Shoutcasting
  • Shrubbot Commands

Omni-Bot Support

Jaymod natively supports the Omni-bot project. This allows servers to set up computer controlled bots with relative ease. There is nothing that you have to set up within Jaymod’s configuration to use them. There is, however, some setup that needs to be done with the Omni-bot installation.

To get Omni-bot for your server, visit There, you can download the files needed to get Omni-bot running, and the documentation for installation and configuration is available. It is imperative that you match the Omni-bot installation to what version Jaymod supports. This version supports 0.52, but for beta releases, check the included readme.txt file for updates to Omni-bot support.

Unlagged 2 Support

Jaymod implements Neil "Haste" Toronto's antilag scheme. Enemy Territory already has a partial implementation, but it is very limited to basic backwards reconciliation. Jaymod implements much more of the Haste’s code, including optimized client-side prediction, true ping, client smoothing, and lag simulations in dev mode. The new antilag options are turned on by default, and can be disabled via the appropriate CVARS.

ETPro Mapscripts

Jaymod has the added functionality of ETPro's extended mapscript support.

The extended mapscripts offered by ETPro allow new things such as new spawn points and map bugfixes, among other possibilities. There is documentation on these scripts at ETPro's website. To enable them, simply set g_mapscriptDirectory to the directory where the mapscripts are located (Jaymod comes with the ETPro versions of the standard 6 maps in a folder called 'mapscripts').

Change Log

Jaymod 2.0

  • Fixed longstanding bug where, through class stealing, players could use weapons they are not supposed to use.
  • Added a 5th skill upgrade to each class.
  • Added poison-gas grenades as a level 5 skill for covert ops and soldier.
  • Added S-mines as level 5 skill for engineer.
  • Added poison-gas mines as level 5 skill for engineer.
  • Added censor checks and text shortcut replacement to vchats.
  • Added mute check to votes.
  • Added cg_muzzleFlash. When set to 0, most weapons will not have muzzle flash.
  • Added sample Linux/BSD start/stop/status/restart script to packaging (linux/serverctl)
  • Updated Jaymod menus.
  • Added multikill sounds.
  • Reworked killing and losing sprees. Also removed the killing and losing spree sound cvars.
  • Fixed a color glitch in small scoreboard display.
  • Added /textshortcuts to list and explain the various text shortcut options.
  • Changed private messages so that muted players cannot private message as well.
  • Changed cg_draw2d so that crosshair will not draw if the individual is a spectator. This will make movie-making with Jaymod very nice with Shoutcaster and cg_draw2d 0.
  • Added cg_drawClock. This will display your current time in HH:MM[?M] .
  • Fixed bug where you can immediately spawn after a team change (Chruker)
  • Fixed cp and bp commands. Color will save across newlines (Chruker)
  • Fixed the server list. The list could only hold 2048 servers, now it can hold 4096 (Chruker)
  • Added vote_voteBased and vote_minPercentage. These will allow votes to be based off of the total amount of votes received instead of the total number of players on the server.
  • Added /jaymodinfo that will print relevent information about the mod.
  • Added hardware banning.
  • Changed team damage restriction so that it does not kick admins with kick protection.
  • Added !crybaby (flag 'y').
  • Fixed some various GUID checking.
  • Disabled playdead in the water.
  • Changed poison syringes so that invulnerable players cannot be poisoned.
  • Added poison throwing knives for players with 3+ skill on covert ops (g_weapons flag 512).
  • Changed disorientation so that it does not flip the head on third person animation.
  • Changed !showbans. It breaks the bans into pages of 20, along with detailed more detailed information.
  • Added !baninfo. It gives specific information on a certain ban.
  • Added Winchester M1897 (shotgun) as a new weapon for most classes (g_weapons flag 1024).
  • Added team_max* CVARS checking on client. This will now show weapons as unavailable on limbo screen.
  • Added team_maxM97s.
  • Fixed issue where clients can be assigned a level without a GUID, thus allowing anyone else without a GUID their permissions.
  • Fixed !resetxp. Users will no longer be moved to spectator to be reset.
  • Added !resetmyxp (flag 'X').
  • Added credits to Jaymod menu.
  • Added playdead bind to Jaymod misc menu.
  • Fixed revive with !slap bug.
  • Optimized Jaymod configstrings to help alleviate the MAX_GAMESTATE_CHARS exceeded error.
  • Added g_XPMax and g_XPCap.
  • Added longest killing spree records.
  • Changed g_XPSave. It now takes a 1 or 0 like before, and the filename is hardcoded as 'xpbackup.dat'
  • Added g_seenDB. This will track up to 8192 players at a time.
  • Changed the g_shrubbot, g_xpsave, g_seendb, and g_killingspree cvars to the latch type. This will help avoid lost information due to poorly written server configs.
  • Fixed spectators seeing landmines when spectating a player with shoutcaster privileges.
  • Fixed spectator spotting landmines bug.
  • Added icon over a disguised covert ops heads, on the command map, and scoreboard.
  • Added objective icon to command map.
  • Added g_friendlyFire option 2 (reflect team damage).
  • Added g_reflectFriendlyFire (used in tandem with g_friendlyFire option 2).
  • Added ETPub's g_fear.
  • Added g_teamDamageRestriction and g_teamDamageMinHits.
  • Added a popup for private messaging (need to bind "messagemode4").
  • Changed private messages to be sent to admins with the '4' flag (spectator chat viewing).
  • Added ability for players to open doors silently while prone or crouched without needing to hold the walk key.
  • Changed version checking to be more relaxed on the server-side. It will now only warn (and not kick).
  • Fixed a longstanding floating point error bug causing various scripting errors on various maps at specific intervals of the game.
  • Touched up playdead code.
  • Redid hitboxes (for the final time). The hitboxes are much closer to etpro's implementation.
  • Redid double jump. It is even smoother and no longer relies on double tap prone being enabled.
  • Fixed empty IP on shrubbot ban issue.
  • Changed hitbox debugging. The color of the hitbox will now be the color of the team the player is on.
  • Fixed !seen.
  • Fixed the made field of shrubbot bans.
  • Fixed g_XPSaveTimeout to some extent. You can specify larger values.
  • Touched up throwing knife support. It should be much tighter now.
  • Fixed memory leak associated with real head.
  • Fixed menu error associated with private messages and connection icon.
  • Updated throwing knife support significantly. The weapon system now handles it, meaning it is client predicted and has animations. It also have variable throw strength.
  • Changed XP Save. It now saves via a binary file, and slots have been expanded from 128 to 8192.
  • Changed lag-o-meter. The back is now semi-transparent.
  • Changed lag-o-meter and server watermark to not show when the scoreboard is raised.
  • Added client/server mod mismatch checking. This will assure that 1) the Jaymod client is used on the server and 2) that the server and client versions are the same.
  • Fixed double jump while prone in midair bug.
  • Fixed shrubbot bans. IP based bans will now work as well.
  • Added g_logOptions flag 8. Notifies attempted connections from banned players.
  • Fixed Optimized Prediction. This was causing the grenade ticks even after you released.
  • Added vote_allow_matchrestart and vote_allow_startmatch. These did not exist, and now can disable those votes.
  • Added vote_allow_generic. This lets an individual call a vote with a question of their own (it does not really do anything).
  • Fixed sniper war headshots. They will no longer result in an INCREASE in health.
  • Touched up Unlagged code. There are more client options, including the option to opt out of backwards reconciliation.
  • Recoded most of Shrubbot's core. It should now be much more stable, and a significant memory leak has been avoided as a result.
  • Fixed !slap. It will no longer kill the intended player.
  • Added !seen.
  • Added !finger.
  • Fixed admin greeting crash.
  • Added admin pruning (g_adminPrune).
  • Changed losing spree levels from 3 to 6.
  • Added g_vulnerableWeapons. You can blow certain grenade-type weapons up now.
  • Fixed spectator bug where you can view the other team while in limbo.
  • Added throwing knives. It is flag 256 of g_weapons.
  • Moved thompson/mp40 to weapon slot 2 when you also have a heavy weapon.
  • Fixed bug where primary weapon would switch to SMG after level 4 soldier upgrade.
  • Expanded fair rifles to even up ammo and load time.
  • Fixed flamethrower chunk issue.
  • Finished ETPro Mapscript support.
  • Changed g_XPSaveTimeout to allow a value of 0 to save XP indefinitely
  • Added Shoutcasters.
  • Added stealing of uniforms from live players.
  • Added filter to view Jaymod servers only in game browser.
  • Added Average Ping to scoreboard.
  • Added Obituary Filtering.
  • Fixed bug introduced in 1.4 that disabled most of the g_slashkill options.
  • Changed font size for many on-screen text items.
  • Added /campaigninfo for clients.
  • Added g_soldiers, flags 1 (shootable panzer rockets) and 2 (rockets have gravity).
  • Fixed !restart and !reset. They should work in intermission now.
  • Fixed !nextmap. It will now work in warmup.
  • Added Killing Spree display area. It will no longer clutter up the CP area.
  • Added g_damagexp. This will hopefully mirror ETPro's implementation.
  • Added cg_hitsounds flag 2 - only play headshot hitsounds.
  • Added colored obituary icons (ETPro).
  • Added initial, basic support for ETPro's extended mapscripts.
  • Added custom messages on Vsay's (ETPro).

Jaymod 1.4

  • Fixed banner print (bp). It will no longer scroll off the top of the screen.
  • Added console commands 'playsound' and 'playsound_env'.
  • Small touchups not worth mention.
  • Added Omni-bot support.
  • Expanded fireteams to 9 members max.
  • Made the fireteam select all to include the extra slots.
  • Added poison needles.
  • Added adrenaline sharing.
  • Improved playdead.
  • Changed the behavior of realhead support. If not enabled, skin packs are NOT required downloads.
  • Added !slap
  • Added !shake
  • Added !ftime
  • Added Neil "Haste" Toronto's Unlagged 2 code.
  • Added support for Omni-bots
  • Added g_covertops
  • Removed g_misc flag for covert ops uniform carryover (see g_covertops)
  • Changed many shrubbot flags. This was to provide better compatibility with the original shrub setup. PLEASE take the time to look over your levels to make sure your levels did not receive a flag they should not have with this change
  • Added admin greetings
  • Changed !help. It now has more verbose and helpful output, much like shrub did
  • Fixed doublejump. It is now predicted, and the notorious 'triple jump' is no longer possible. It feels MUCH better
  • Fixed issue where once you gain your thompson as a level 4 soldier, you would get awarded but still have handguns on next spawn
  • Added current time to log at game startup. It uses OSP's style of timestamp
  • Fixed !spec999. People in spec will not be placed into spec again
  • Fixed adrenaline carryover issue. Regardless of your class, it would always require the charge time of a medic. Now you can use adrenaline when your charge bar is full
  • Fixed a nasty buffer overflow bug (thanks @ Forty)
  • Changed number of XP Save slots. There are now double the slots (128)
  • Fixed g_spectatorInactivity
  • Fixed !resetxp bug
  • Added g_engineers
  • Added g_medics
  • Added !glow
  • Fixed g_weapons flag 1
  • Added silent responses for silent shrubbot command issuance
  • Added g_headshot, and flags 1 and 2
  • Added adrenaline to covert ops protected uniform weapons. They will no longer lose their uniform for using it.
  • Added g_goomba
  • Adjusted knife distance (should be easier to use)
  • Added g_dynamiteTime for custom fuse time
  • Added g_shortcuts - Tied this to a Cvar instead of always on.
  • Changed hitsounds. They are mostly client side and now only offer ETPro hitsounds. There are easily replace, however, through a sound pack.

Jaymod 1.3

  • Reworked hitboxes. They are now based off of ETPro’s “realhead” hitbox system, where the head hitbox follows the animation. Also lowered the standing hitbox to shoulder height, and lowered the prone and corpse hitboxes to a more reasonable height. The “realhead” mode is toggleable, the lowered body hitboxes are not. Major thanks to Zinx and Forty for their help in realizing this.
  • Moved obituaries location completely client side. g_logOptions has no affect on anything anymore, but is not removed. Some of the other functions of that cvar are still planned.
  • Removed the hitsounds cvars. Hitsounds have been moved client side, and are selectable by the client. Look for customizable hitsounds to be back in a future release.
  • Removed g_maxAirstrikes. g_maxArtillery controls both artillery and airstrikes.
  • Added !panzerwar and !sniperwar.
  • Added !nextmap to intermission.
  • Updated Jaymod menus.
  • Added g_wolfRof.
  • Added level name in !admintest.
  • Fixed a major issue in the XP Saver.
  • Added gibs.
  • Fixed double uniform steal bug.
  • Added mine naming.
  • Added customizable skill levels:
    • g_defaultskills
    • g_levels_battlesense
    • g_levels_covertops
    • g_levels_engineer
    • g_levels_fieldops
    • g_levels_lightweapons
    • g_levels_medic
    • g_levels_soldier
  • Added new HUD.
  • Charge icon now turns red when no artillery or airstrikes are available.
  • Removed grenades from sniperwar.
  • Fixed cross-map shove bug.
  • Added watermarks (including default Jaymod logo [Thanks @ Zendochi]).
  • Added g_moverscale.
  • Fixed random images on command map.

Jaymod 1.2

  • Finished flags for g_weapons.
  • Added g_slashKill.
  • Added custom hitboxes.
  • Added most shrubbot commands (missing glow still, if anyone has ideas, email me.)
  • Added team_maxartillery.
  • Took match_readypercent out of intermission exit. (Was causing early exits depending on its value)
  • Added Shrubbot text shortcuts (case insensitive).
  • Numerous little bugfixes, see the website for details.
  • Updated server.cfg-sample.
  • Fixed an issue with the sample server config where hitsounds would reset themselves.
  • Added g_misc.
  • Removed g_fairrifles, see g_misc.
  • Removed g_bsrevive, see g_misc.
  • Added losing sprees to the killing spree mode.
  • Added * to shrubbot permissions.
  • Added chat censoring.
  • Added g_shoveNoZ.
  • Added map-specific configs.
  • Implemented most of the bugfixes in Project Bugfix (sponsored by Chruker).
  • Fixed issue with names appearing twice on the game status popup on large servers.
  • Added Sniper War.
  • Added mod_version and mod_url to the serverinfo string.

Jaymod 1.1

  • Added flag 1 of g_logOptions.
  • Added !swap, !restart, !nextmap shrubbot commands.
  • Fixed XP Save to work in modes besides campaign mode.
  • Changed some of the shrubbot command flags.

Jaymod 1.0

  • Initial Release