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Install on linux

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System Requirements

  • Minimum
         o Pentium II 233MHz / AMD K6-2 300MHz or equally powerful processor
         o 64MB of system memory
         o OpenGL supported video card with 16MB of video memory. (Voodoo Banshee, TNT and up)
         o 300MB of hard drive space 

In theory, the game can run on any Pentium-class processor with a Voodoo2, but don't expect much performance over 20fps and expect loading time to be over a minute.

NOTE: You must have accelerated drivers for your video card installed for best results. This may require using the not-entirely-open-source NVIDIA drivers for NVIDIA cards. This also means that some video cards may not work even if they meet the above-stated minimum requirements. Installation

Precompiled packages are available for the most popular distributions.


  1. Download the three deb packages from Here.
  2. Download OpenArena-data first, and after it finishes, download the others. Sometimes it helps to save the files to a directory, like your desktop.
  3. Since the 3 OpenArena packages have been precompiled for your system, all you have to do is install them using the built-in .deb package installing software. To do so, open the package by double-clicking it. This should automatically open the installer. To install, simply click the "install package" button. It may prompt for your login password. Once it is finished, simply close the installer. Make sure to install all three packages in order, starting with openarena-data, then the other 2.
  4. Select it from the Applications menu, under Games. 

If you are having problems with it running, see the FAQ/Troubleshooting page. It now contains a fix for problems with Compiz.

The Ubuntu community has also made OpenArena available through the preset repositories. It is obtainable via Synaptic Package Manager and the application installer (Applications -> Add/Remove); search "openarena" in either one. However, there is no guarantee that it will be the latest version of OpenArena.

If you intend to run a server, then you need to download the .zip packages and apply the 0.8.0 server patch. Then run the .i386, or the .x86_64 executables depending on your operating system. The .deb packages do not support the patch, and will not run correctly.

In Hardy Heron, you will need to right click the executable, and go to properties. Then go to the permissions tab. Allow reading and writing by everyone, and make sure the file is executable as a program by checking the box. [A line through the box will not do, it must be a check]


Packages for openSUSE are being built in the openSUSE Build Service. RPMs are available for all supported version of SUSE Linux / openSUSE, including SLE.

Use the one click installer for your version at openSUSE Build Service: Search for openarena


current version (0.70) soon available

Use the GUI rpmdrake to install openarena as described in installing and removing software documentation.

Type "urpmi openarena" in the terminal as root.


Download the version 0.7.0-2 deb package from Debian and install it.

Or type "sudo apt-get install openarena" in the terminal


From a console or terminal emulator:

su -c "yum install openarena"

Alternatively, you may use your package manager of choice to select OpenArena under the "Games" category.


  • current version available
   * Click the "Add/Remove programs"
   * Under games you will find "openarena"
   * Select it
   * Press install button 


  • For 0.70
   * Download the files and manually from the website.
   * Move the downloaded files to /usr/portage/distfiles/
   * Add the following line to /etc/portage/package.keywords 

games-fps/openarena ~x86

   * Install 

emerge -av openarena

  • For 0.6.0

There is a portage overlay that contains an ebuild for 0.6.0

   * Install and configure app-portage/layman
   * Add the zugaina overlay layman -a zugaina 

You should now have access to the games-fps/quake3-openarena-0.6.0 and you can install it by simply emerging quake3-openarena. Source Mage GNU/Linux

current version 0.8.1 available

OpenArena is available in z-rejected grimoire. If you don't have this grimoire installed yet, you can add it by doing from a console or a terminal emulator :

Once you have z-rejected grimoire, you can install OpenArena by doing from a console or a terminal emulator: Other linux distributions / alternative installation

Make sure you have the prerequisite libraries. They may include:

   * SDL
   * openal
   * curl
   * libvorbis 

Download the game using BitTorrent or from one of the Download Mirrors.

The archive's content itself is the game. It simply needs to be extracted and run.

Install it for yourself:

unzip -d ~/openarena

Install it for all users (requires root privileges):

su -c "unzip -d /usr/local/openarena"

Optionally, you may remove the downloaded ZIP file to free up some space:

rm -f

Then, execute the right binary for your machine to start the game. To list the binaries:

ls -l /usr/local/openarena/openarena-0.7.1/ioq*

The following versions may be available:

  • -smp* are for multi-processor, hyperthreading, and multi-core machines.
  • .i386 are for 32-bit PC processors. (386, 486, 586 and 686)
  • .x86_64 are for 64-bit PC processors, such as AMD Athlon64 processors.

For a typical desktop or laptop PC, the following will work:


You can create a launcher on your desktop for convenience.

Note for PPC owners: you can find a PPC version of the engine here, instructions are included.