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  • 1. Gametype Objective Indicator: This icon will notify you what gametype the current match is being played in: Free For All, Duel, Team Deathmatch, Clan Arena or Capture the Flag. Below the gametype icon is the objective limit - the timelimit, fraglimit, roundlimit or capturelimit that must be achieved to win the match.

  • 2. Game Clock / Timer: The timer indicates how many seconds are left remaining in a match. Over time you may find the timer useful in organizing team attacks or anticipating when health, armor or power-ups may become available to you.

  • 3. Ammo Inventory Bar: The ammo bar shows what weapons are available in the current map. Weapons you currently possess will additionally have ammo values next to them to indicate the remaining amount of ammo available to you.

  • 4.Scorebox: This mini-scoreboard reports your score and the score of the best (or next best) performing player, or in team games displays the score for both Red and Blue teams.

  • 5.Health: The amount of damage you can take. When healthy, the health bar is full. As you're shot or injured, this number decreases and the bar empties. If the number reaches 0, you will die. Picking up health globes restores your health.

  • 6. Crosshair: Your crosshair generally assists you in aiming. However, as you pick up items it will also pulse to indicate that you have successfully picked up an item.

  • 7. Current Weapon Ammo: The amount of ammunition in your current weapon. If the number reaches 0, you cannot fire this weapon again until you pick up the appropriate ammo boxes.

  • 8. Armor: Displays how much armor you have on. When you're shot or take damage, some of the impact is absorbed by the armor you wear. When your armor is completely intact, the armor bar is full. As you take damage, the number decreases and the bar empties. In most game types, when armor is over 100 it slowly counts down to 100.

  • 9. Carried Items: Only one carried item can be held at any given time. Once picked up, the item's icon will be listed here until you choose to activate your item. Once activated, the effect is instantaneous and you will no longer have the carried item.

  • 10.Teamoverlay: In team game types, an overlay is displayed showing your teammates names, locations, health, armor and power-up statuses. The overlay can be useful in locating and assisting your teammates.

  • 11. Flag Notifier: In Capture the Flag, if you hold possession of the enemy's flag it will be displayed here at the top of your screen. You will hold the flag until you capture, die or use the 'dropflag' command to pass it to a teammate.

  • 12. Power-ups: Power-ups grant great bonuses for a limited amount of time. Unlike Carried Items, power-ups become activated instantly when picked up. The number decreases as the power-up is held. Once the number reaches 0, the power's special abilities will be lost.