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Well, here's some stuff I found going though my old clans forums. I've compiled numerous posts involving just about every aspect of the game, for how hitboxes work to usefull tweaks, from how to distinguish between players to steps you can work on to become better. Hope it helps

Newbie Tips

This section is dedicated to helping out new players and clans alike, because face it, we were all new once! I'll start with very basic things that even the most advanced players often forget. With these basics firmly in mind, you're well on the way to becoming recognized.

  • Figure out a key configuration. The default settings are designed for minimal finger movement, but don't be afraid to experiment with it!

Take a look at how the game works. For example, you do not always have to get a direct hit to the enemy to do damage due to the way hitboxes work.

  • Find your game style. You will soon find whether you like to play defense/support or run into groups of enemies and pump them full of lead.
    Fragging solo can rack up a lot of XP for you, and help you develop skills in one on one combat.
    But remember, ET is about teamwork, and if you want to be a truly great player, you have to be more than just a good gunner.
  • Get into a clan. Once you become good on pubs and master the basics of ET, you might want to take things a step further.
    Simply ask clans if they are recruiting, and most will take some interest in you. Sometimes clans might notice you on a pub too, and someone will be impressed and tell you to join or try out.
    To really get noticed on a pub, you are going to have to show what you're made of as a player.
    Winning a lot of one-on-ones are always impressive, or using nades intelligently, etc. It's kind of sad that the rambos get all the attention, but that's how it is I'm afraid.
  • Well, you have a few good players, and a hell of a lot of staying power! You will need to find a way to be effective.
    As a new clan it is very possible you don't have a system like ventrilo or teamspeak, so you will need to have discussions with your clan mates about hotkeys (see the tweaking and scripts section). Also, you could have some kind of shortened code. For instance on gold rush if 2 engies were called to the bank to steal the gold, f cvr bank door this may seem complicated, but its just shortening things really, possibly too much work, but a little less to type. Personally I'd stick to the hotkeys!
  • Learn how to use fireteams effectively. Not only does it let you divide up your communication so smaller groups can talk to each other, but also that way you can assign responsibilities more easily. (e.g. FT Alpha, cover the side route!)

Basic Skills The Interface

Play a support role at first

  • At the start, I'd recommend playing medic. It's a great class for a newbie, because it lets you stay out of harm's way and get acquainted to the game

you get an MP40 or Thompson so you get practice firing with an SMG.

  • Panzer is nice too because you can get some easy kills, but it won't help you become a better gunner. Not that i use mainly only both of these .
    but im not gonna put engineer down as i never use it.

Don't bother with sniping

  • A lot of new players like to play as a sniper because they can stay out of harm's way and pick off enemies in the distance.
    Don't even bother. It's not that I'm trying to say sniping has no place in ET however, if you sit in a corner you won't learn important things like teamwork tactics, listening for enemy foosteps, what routes are best to take, avoiding landmines, etc. ONCE u get better u can snipe ppl like mac, and get abuse like o u fired up ur bot pa!n.

  • If you see someone kicking ass on a pub, ask him for tips. Most good players don't mind sharing some knowledge with you or helping you.
    Just ask them for tips in-game, or maybe try to get their AIM/MSN address'. IF its triple he will draft an essay the the final.

  • Leaning is very usfeul. You can press Q or E for leaning left or right. If you position yourself correctly at the corner of a hallway or something, you can lean around the corner without being seen.
    Also, if you're about to fire a panzerfaust and suddenly a teammate runs into your view, you can cancel the shot by leaning.

  • Tweak your settings. Tweaking is one of the very few things you can do which will give you immediate results. For the most part, getting good at ET means lots of practice, but a lot of people have told me just changing their mouse sensitivity made them improve very quickly.
    Also, your FPS frame rate is VERY important it's better to run a shitty resolution like 640x480 if you can get a good FPS than to enable all the fancy effects.
    I bet a lot of the so-called noobs playing ET aren't actually as bad as they seem, they just have shitty computers, bad connections, or poorly tweaked settings.

  • The trick to beating your oppenent is simple, make them take more damage than you are receiving, and you will win almost any 1-on-1 gunfight medics have more health as standard and so take more shooting.
    It sounds obvious, but learning how to really pile on the hits and avoid most of the ones coming at you is the one thing you always want to be good at. Here's a few pointers on improving your gameplay

Keep moving

  • Moving targets are a lot harder to hit, so long as your not moving into their line of fire. Side stepping like a mad man can work, but you eventually want to control how you avoid fire, and can guess which way your opponent will move, so you can fire on them more effectively.
    Get used to how most other players will dodge left and right, and mix it up, move someway they won't expect.

  • Don't just keep firing. If your not hitting your target, your just wasting your shots. It is harder for an opponent to hit you if they themselves are already being hit, so if your firing and on target, just empty the clip.
    If it's at distance, you need accuracy, and the longer you hold down the fire button the more random your shots will become. Fire a few rounds then stop for a second, fire some more and stop again. This will increase your aim and also might leave you with those valuable few rounds you need to finish off the enemy while they are having to reload. You don't want to be the guy reloading when you have no cover.

Learn how to use the sprint

  • The default button is the shift key. This will give you a serious boost of speed for a short time, and while it is handy just to get to the action quicker, it does leave you drained.
    Try to save a whole bar for when the action hits, that way your dodging will be much more effective. Or even to escape the combat momentarily while you reload, aquire ammo or find some health.

Learn your quick voice commands

  • By tapping the 'v' key a mini menu will pop up featuring different audio commands that will automatically be heard by either your team or the whole server.
    Although ventrilo is much easier to ask for some health or ammo, a quick v21 need a medic or v22 I need ammo will alert any nearby fieldops or medics that you need supplies.
    It can save you a quick trip to an ammo/health supply that is already occupied by the enemy.

Go prone

  • If you've been taken by suprise and are being fired upon in a confined space, sometimes the best way to avoid damage is just to lay down and keep on firing at the enemy.
    Tapping the x button will make you lie flat on the floor, and although this means that any hits you take will probably be head shots, and you are unable to dodge sideways, sometimes if done right it means you will get the advantage of shooting them more accurately before they can finish you off.
    Crouching with the c button can help but can often put your head straight into the line of fire.

Do the most damage

  • Your first 2-3 shots will be spot on the money, as in where you aim is pretty much where you hit.
    If you can get the advantage on your enemy, so that you get the 1st chance to fire, get those head shots. Try as hard as you can to get those first 3 in the head, and the rest should be say. Once you've got the money shots, just aim for the body to bring them down.

Take the advantage

  • Be sneaky, crafty and unexpected. You'll get a major advantage over any opponent if your the first one to start firing.
    If you know where the enemy is, and they don't know your there, you have the lead. You can either go straight for it and go for the quick surprise attack that can often be enough to win a 1-on-1, or hide and wait for your opponent to dash past before you dive out and get those critical head shots before they even know your there.

  • Listening out for their footsteps and gunshots can help you make an educated guess at where your enemy is, or where they might come from.
    Be ready for them and you should be able to frag them easily. Sitting somewhere where the enemy will be able to have you straight in their sites is not what I'm talking about, waiting prone in the hallway their about to run into is usually a big mistake.
    You need to again apply the theory that you need to give them maximum damage while receiving as little as possible.


  • After one good gun fight your clip will usually not be able to manage another kill, unless you can get all headshots and take them by surprise.
    If your in the clear with no visable enemies, even if your only 5 bullets down from a full clip, reload. That last shot has saved me so many times, you always want to have it ready. A quick tap of the 'r' button and your good to go.

  • If you are in the middle of a gunfight and your clips emptying but your not making the kill, switch to your pistol to get those extra 7 bullets unloaded. You can set your controls in options to switch to the lugar as soon as your machine gun is empty, rather than automatically reloading.
    This can often be immensly handy when the enemy has hit empty as well, but goes for the reload.

Grenades are great

  • Using nades effectively works wonders in your favour. If there's a crammed hallway, timing a nade to blow as soon as it lands by their feet will often get you a multi kill. If there's an enemy above you that you can't get a clear shot on, a quick nade up there will either make them move, or blow them right off the roof.
    If your being chased when you have low health or an empty gun, a quick nade behind you or left on the floor round a corner can quickly deal with any following threat, long enough for you to make it to friendly forces or reaload.

  • Ok that's about all the ideas I can come up with for the noobs right now. I might add some more later if my brain starts working again.
    Hope it helps some of you become better fraggers. Good luck.


Game options

Automatic reload

set this to off. That way you won't get caught reloading in the middle of a fight. If you run out of ammo, you can just switch to your pistol quickly.
Then, when it's safe to reload, hit R.Complaint popup off: useful if you never plan to complain. View options Reinforcement timer / mission timer: make sure these are on.

Crosshair size

Make it basically as small as possible, but not so small that you have a hard time seeing it on the screen.
The smaller your crosshair is, the easier it is to get headshots.

Crosshair color

some people like to choose a very visible color like Red, especially if they have a small crosshair which is easy to lose. Note that you can't have a customized crosshair color if you enable crosshair health info.
Blood flash and splatter: Turn these to OFF. They are completely useless, all they do is splat blood all over your screen when you get shot, which makes it very difficult to see your enemy.

Controls Mouse sensitivity

affects how fast your cursor moves. I talked a lot about this already in the Basic Skills section on Shooting. Later in this section I will show you how to write a script that lets you hit 1 key to toggle between sensitivities, since some situations might require more or less sensitivity.

System/cg_drawfps 1

This is a command which will cause your FPS to be displayed on the side of your screen. The rule of thumb I'd use is, find the highest resolution you can go to and still get a steady FPS of 80 or above. If this is impossible with your hardware, then just go for 800x600.
Hardware tweaks there are a few things you should tweak in your hardware to get good performance.


Find out how to overclock your CPU if you don't already know.
This allows you to, for example, make a 1.8 Ghz CPU be as fast as a 2.1 Ghz CPU. It's risky though because overclocking wears down your parts, so your computer won't last as long. Also, this is very important if you notice ET crashing frequently, it may because your CPU is overheating. In this case, you need to reduce your overclocking or even underclock.
You might also be able to solve the problem by getting a better cooling solution for your case.

Video card drivers

Sometimes you might have a wonderful video card but you get a crappy FPS. Download the latest drivers from your card vendor's website, this often helps.

Mouse acceleration
I strongly recommend turning this off. It just makes it harder to aim. To turn it off, the first thing you should do is go into the console and type:

/cl_mouseaccel 0
Or, you can put "cl_mouseaccel 0" in your autoexec.cfg (If you don't already know about autoexec.cfg.

The other thing is, if you have Windows XP, you need to apply a registry patch to disable mouse acceleration in Windows (because that affects your game mouse acceleration).
To do this, download this .reg file and then double click on it to add the patch into your registry Download mousefix.reg

Note: This patch was created by RaZiel. If you haven't already done so, I recommend downloading Aiming by RaZiel, search for it on google to find it.

Graphics tweaks

Intro to tweaking

Here I'll go through some tweaks that can help boost your FPS (frames per second). A good FPS can make a world of difference; it's just damn hard to shoot enemies if they keep warping across your screen.

Your FPS is determined mainly by 3 things:

CPU clock speed (ghz)
Graphics card

  • Unfortunately, there's not much you can do to change these, which doesn't involve paying money...
  • You can try overclocking your CPU this can make a 1.7 Ghz processor go at the speed of a 2.0 ghz processor for example. However, this can cause your CPU to overheat (not a good thing).
  • You can try getting a new graphics card, but it might not boost your performance much if your processor is the problem.
    For example, if it's a wimpy 866mhz, then a shiny Geforce FX card isn't going to save you.

There are some things you can control though


  • this is the code that "talks" to your hardware. (like, "video card, draw a picture!") Sometimes drivers are poorly written or have some compatability problem that makes it run slowly on your system.
    So, if you know you have a kickass system, but you're not getting the performance you expect, try updating drivers for your video and sound cards. Keep in mind the "latest" drivers aren't always the best, although usually they are.


  • Now before you begin tweaking, make sure to add cg_drawfps 1 to your config, so you can see your frame rate.

Tweaking cvars in the console

  • There are a couple of cool things you should know about entering cvars in the console...

  • Suppose you type in /r_ati, and then hit TAB. Well, there are multiple commands that start in r_ati, so instead of auto-completing it.

a list will be displayed in the console:

]/r_ati [tab]
r_ati_truform_pointmode = GL_PN_TRIANGLES_POINT_MODE_LINEAR
r_ati_truform_normalmode = GL_PN_TRIANGLES_NORMAL_MODE_LINEAR
r_ati_truform_tess = 1
r_ati_fsaa_samples = 0

This is just a handy thing to know, you could get a list of all cg_ variables for example by typing "cg_" then pressing TAB.

You can also find out the current value and default value of any cvar by simply typing its name (with a slash) at the console:

r_texturemode" is:"GL_LINEAR" default:"GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST

Finally, let's say you mess up some cvar... Then, to reset it back to the default value, simply type in "/reset (cvar)" in the console... For example:

]/reset g_gravity


set com_maxfps

  • This lets you cap your FPS to some value. Due to numerical error in the Q3 engine, trickjumps work best at a steady FPS of 43 (good), 76 (great), or 125 (best).
  • So if you want a steady FPS of 76 for example, then try to get your average FPS to be something like 80-90 (set com_maxfps to some really big number while you're doing this so you can see you`r true FPS without capping).
  • Then once you are satisfied with the performance, add "com_maxfpx 76" to your config to cap it.Ex: set com_maxfps 76

set r_picmip

  • The bigger n is, the crappier your textures look, but it may improve performance on older video cards. Default value for n is 1. Allowed values are from 0 to 3.Ex: set r_picmip 3

set r_picmip2
Similar to r_picmip. The default is already 3, so I don't see any reason to change it. You might be able to get better quality by lowering it, but as far as I can tell, the difference isn't noticeable.

set cg_atmosphericeffects
Turns on/off effects like rain or snow. There's really No reason why you would ever want this to be on, it just makes it harder to see and lowers your frame rate...Ex: set cg_atmosphericeffects 0

set r_gamma
Higher values of n make your screen brighter, so you can spot enemies easier. Default is 1.0, allowed values are from 0 to 3. I recommend making your screen brighter because it lets you see targets more easily. Be careful you don't set it too high, otherwise levels like fueldump or radar with lots of snow will be way too bright.Ex: set r_gamma 2.2

set r_intensity
Higher values of n make your screen brighter. Default is 1.0, allowed values are from 0 to 1.5Ex: set r_intensity 1.2

set r_mapoverbrightbits
Higher values of n make the shadowy parts of a map lighter, so you can spot enemies hiding in darker areas. Default is 2, allowed from 1 to 3. Setting it to 3 may help see targets that are hiding in shadowsEx: set r_mapoverbrightbits 3

set r_dynamiclight
Turns on (n=1) or off (n=0) dynamic light. Dynamic light is used very little in the game.
I suggest you leave it on, because it is what makes the "glow" around dynamite, which is very useful to know when dyno has been planted.Ex: set r_dynamiclight 0

set cg_shadows
Turns on (n=1) or off (n=0) the little circular shadows that appear under your feet.
Set this to 0 if you want, although the FPS boost will probably be negligible.Ex: set cg_shadows 0

set r_finish
Setting this to 1 enables "sync every frame". This is ONLY important if you have some device lag, like mouse or keyboard. (Perhaps if you have a wireless mouse and you find it lags behind your actions).
If you don't notice your keyboard or mouse lagging, then set this to 0 to gain a few FPS.Ex: set r_finish 0

set r_detailtextures
When detail textures are enabled (n=1), it means that basically every object is textured twice to make it look more detailed.
Obviously this is slower, so try disabling this (n=0) if you want to get a nice FPS boost.Ex: set r_detailtextures 0

set r_subdivisions
If you want a little performance boost, set this to 999.
Otherwise, set it to 4.Ex: set r_subdivisions 999

set r_texturemode
This lets you set texture filtering. The most common values are:

(low quality): GL_NEAREST
(good quality): GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST (a.k.a. bilinear filtering)
(great quality): GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR (a.k.a. trilinear filtering)
(good quality): GL_LINEAR

  • In case you don't know, filtering is somewhat like antialiasing, except for textures.
    You can see what the game looks like without filtering by setting r_Texturemode to GL_NEAREST.
    It's pretty ugly, and everything is very "pixelated" or "blocky".
  • The default is bilinear filtering, and this will give you the best performance, and pretty good quality.
    For "best" quality you can use trilinear filtering, although there might possibly be some dip in FPS.
  • There's one problem with bilinear and trilinear filtering; both of them make your crosshair blurry.
    Personally I like to use a small crosshair, so this really annoys me because when the crosshair is blurred, I can barely see it.
    So, if this happens with you, then I'd suggest using GL_LINEAR.
    This mode will filter the textures and looks almost as good as bilinear filtering

yet the crosshair will still appear pretty sharp. BUT, be warned, using GL_LINEAR will likely cause a noticeable decrease in your FPS.

  • You could even use GL_NEARESTas your filtering mode but I wouldn't recommend it, because it looks like crap.
    I actually used to use this because, well, I didn't know about GL_LINEAR at the timeEx: set r_texturemode GL_LINEAR

set r_fastsky
If you set this to 1, it will just draw a solid color for your sky. This may give you a slight improvement in your FPS.
It's not much, but then again, who cares how pretty the sky looks? Ex: set r_fastsky 1

Networking tweaks

If you're having trouble with laggy/slow connections... Well, honestly there's not much you can do! You're pretty much fucked! But, tweaking these settings might help a little:

set rate
Can be from 2500 to 25000. The faster your connection is, the higher you should set your rate
So for example, a modem might use a rate of 5000, whereas for LAN you would use 25000.
Ex: set rate 15000

set snaps
Can be from 20-40. Determines how many times the server sends you updates of the game state. I would suggest leaving it at 20 or so if you have a slow connection. If you have a good connection, set it to 30-40.
Ex: set snaps 30

set cl_timenudge
This is a very odd tweak: if you have a lot of lag, then setting this to a negative number will cause some crazy calculations to occur to take your lag into account when determining stuff like where your bullet went. Most people should leave this at 0.
If you have serious ping problems, try setting this lower, but no lower than -50. (-50 is the lowest allowed value on most servers).
In fact though, in most competitions, cl_timenudge must be zero. So if you play in a clan, don't tweak this...
Ex: set cl_timenudge -25

set cl_maxpackets
The bigger n is, the more information your computer sends to the server, so basically your actions will be more accurate.
I think the default for this is 20, you can raise it higher if you want but no higher than 100 since this is the max allowed value. Be careful when tweaking this setting, if you set it to high, it may actually make your connection worse.
Ex: set cl_maxpackets 50

Fixing the resolution resetting problem

There's a really annoying bug in ET that happens for some people. Say you set your resolution to 1600x1200 in the options menu.
Then you go and play on a shrub or etpro server. Then, you exit the game. Then, you run the game again. When the game loads up, it will be reset to 800x600 resolution!

If you are a victim of this bug, just add these three lines into your autoexec.cfg:

set r_mode -1
set r_customwidth 1600
set r_customheight 1200


Punkbuster is software that prevents people from cheating in ET. It runs on practically all servers. Each server may tailor exactly what punkbuster allows and doesn't allow, so I can't tell you exactly what settings are allowed, but here is one possible config showing the bounds of all the variables.

Affect brightness and level of detail
pb_sv_cvar r_picmip in 0 2
pb_sv_cvar r_picmip2 in 0 3
pb_sv_cvar r_rmse in 0.0
pb_sv_cvar r_subdivisions in 4 20
pb_sv_cvar r_lodbias in 0 2
pb_sv_cvar r_lodcurveerror in 250
pb_sv_cvar r_gamma in 0.500000 2.000000
pb_sv_cvar r_ignorehwgamma in 1
pb_sv_cvar r_ext_gamma_control in 1
pb_sv_cvar r_intensity in 1
pb_sv_cvar r_overbrightbits in 1
pb_sv_cvar r_mapoverbrightbits in 2
pb_sv_cvar r_ext_NV_fog_dist in 0
pb_sv_cvar cg_shadows in 0 1
pb_sv_cvar r_shownormals in 0
Affect fog effects
pb_sv_cvar r_uifullscreen in 0
pb_sv_cvar r_wolffog in 1
Affect field of view
pb_sv_cvar cg_fov in 90 110
pb_sv_cvar cg_zoomfov in 22.5
Affect view perspective
pb_sv_cvar cg_thirdperson in 0
Affect aim movement
pb_sv_cvar cg_bobroll in 0.002
pb_sv_cvar cg_bobpitch in 0.002
pb_sv_cvar cg_bobup in 0.005
pb_sv_cvar cg_runpitch in 0.002
pb_sv_cvar cg_runroll in 0.005
pb_sv_cvar cl_freelook in 1
Affect mouse sensitivity
pb_sv_cvar m_pitch out -0.011 0.011
pb_sv_cvar m_yaw in 0.022
Affect weapon knockback
pb_sv_cvar com_maxfps out 0.000001 40
pb_sv_cvar forcefps out 0.00001 40
Affect ping and lag
pb_sv_cvar cl_maxpackets in 30 100
pb_sv_cvar cl_timenudge in -50 0
pb_sv_cvar rate in 2500 25000
pb_sv_cvar snaps in 20 40


I hope this will help you all to improve your own personal playing styles, but it should also help you to recognize what your up against, in the hope that you will develope your own counter moves and tactics to deal with it.

Here's the basic outlines


  • You should know by now what these kind of people play like.
  • It's the basic skills and moves to playing ET, and any slightly advanced moves when dodging and attacking with well aimed shots, should be enough to bring 'em down. They usually just stand and fire, but if your stood still, they can do real damage.
  • Save some sprint for quick moving and you'll do fine. They run in all the usual directions, often following the crowd and just standing around waiting to die. A quick sneak behind enemy lines to come round the back will often be enough to take a whole team out by surprise.
  • Be aware that most noobs will already be adapting to a certain style of play already, and although won't be perfected, it can be enough to throw you off gaurd if your in the middle of a bunch of them.

Sneaky players

  • Players who like to find the easy shots, but are not too hot at close combat, will use this style.
  • They will hide in small corners or behind walls where a lot of enemy troops will run past, giving them easy access to head shots without return fire. Check where your running into and if you've already got them in your sights by the time they see you, a lot of quick dodging and sharp shots should clean em out.
  • Keep an eye out for extra footsteps behind you, or the odd knife swish incase their running after you. A swift turn and moving around them should be enough for you to stop them, but avoid running into corners.
  • Also keep your eyes peeled for above and below ground movement. They may try to take a height advantage or reverse point attack, never be afraid to have a quick check behind you or a look up at the scenery to see what's happening.
  • Your screwed if you go running off and they have their gun pointed straight at your back. It doesn't have to be the head to hurt. One of the best sneaking tactics to use is the wall lean.
  • By standing just at the edge of a wall so that your body or weapon doesn't stick around the edge, and pressing q or e, you can look past the wall without being seen at all. When you lean, your body and head doesn't move at all, so no part of you will stick out.
  • Also, as discovered by Pa!n, you can throw a sly grenade around the corner while your leaning, but it only works if your leaning out the right side, using e, because it only works with the hand holding the grenade.
  • Also, as told to me by Pa!n you can cancel a panzer shot while it is charging to fire by leaning quickly.
  • Handy if team damage is activated and you just realised the guy your about to shoot is a team mate in disguise, or you want to just save the shot for something better. A truly good sneaky player will utilise the ability to see enemies early more than anything else.
  • You need to always keep your aim ready to retaliate when approaching corners or corridors that you know this tactic works well in, that way the surprise of someone jumping straight out and opening fire can be countered quickly with a fast dodge and some sharp shots.

Balls out aggressors

  • My favourite kind of style. This style involves purely charging at your enemy while dodging and firing, aiming to do the most damage to as many people before they either begin to retreat, or you die.
  • The main strength to these attacks is that when on the attack, usually the victim has to react, making you the cheif aggressor and thus in control of the combat. Your making them have to move and react to your moves, making them confused, threatened and now unsure about whether to stand their ground or make a hasty retreat. Even when you have low health or low ammo, the simple force and speed of the attack can make it seem that you have the advantage already, and so the panic of being nailed very hard and very quickly means their caught off gaurd, and that might be enough to finish the job.
  • The best counter for this kind of move is to fight back, stand your ground, or close the ground between them and go straight for the face, bringing on the attack yourself.
  • Dodging will be the key to winning these close combat fights, if they can take more shots than you do, it might throw them off enough to avoid you being killed 1st. Either way though, you are going to get hurt, it's just a case of how much can you hurt them.

Tactical shooters

  • This involves waiting at a slight distance for the enemy to come into view, rather than closing in to meet the enemy head on, and then picking clear shots and holding them back.
  • A smart way to recieve minimal damage, while still dealing out a fair amount, but your still a bit of a sitting duck. Closing the gap between these kinds of attackers by firing and dodging and sprinting towards them, is a very effective way to maximize your damage and accuracy before they really know how to react.
  • Some may try to just pop out of entrances or doorways, beside rocks or buildings, just to get those few first shots.
  • More often than not they will be ready for you to press forward, and so they will have withdrawn to a further position where they can still see you coming, but have more cover close by to hide behind.
  • Try to out think them, you could go prone in a good place with your cross hairs waiting for them to try and pop out again, but it's usually a bad move. If you can, find another way around to get the back rape or at least to throw them off gaurd. Failing that, go balls out and just run them down. If their trying to run backwards, their not trying so hard to dodge.
  • Watch out for the MG soldiers too. They just sit and wait for the troops to come running at them. Up close an MG can be easy if you know it's there, just run around their view and keep piling in the shots to the face as you do so.
  • If they have the distance advantage, you have to find a way around them or if you can, get a well timed nade to land right next to them. MG's usually expect friendly troops to come behind them, so finding a sly route through the enemy and round the back is an easy MG back raping. When dodging, the best way is usually a quick switch and hold, dodge left 1 second, dodge right and keep running right. So long as your still firing and hitting, their pretty fucked.


  • The chaps who stand still waiting for the action to come them, are just waiting for trouble. But that's the name of the game when your defending.
  • These kinds of players stick to objective ground, or heavily used areas by both teams, often sticking closer to their own side letting the reinforcements pile through, so they can pick off the left overs. Some use a more tactical route of patrolling certain areas looking for the enemies that have slipped through the front line. As soon as you pass through the main group of enemies blocking your advance, these will be the last lines of defense you will have to deal with.
  • They usually wait in concealed spaces looking for enemy movement before they even give their positions away by opening fire.
  • To deal with this you have to be ready to either attack and kill quickly if you come face to face with them, or search and destroy. Check hidden locations that you know would be good to defend from and always try to avoid travelling in the open areas. Find the more covered routes that will not be often used to get from point A to point B quickly.
  • Using high ground and small gaps and windows can be very useful to check the enemy movements around you. If your going in quietly without back up, using a quick grenade is useless, especially if you don't even take the enemy out. It's like using a megaphone and shouting "HELLO, I'VE SNUCK IN, I'M AROUND HERE, AND YOU SHOULD PROBABLY TRY TO KILL ME". Try to keep your position as concealed as possible, because that is exactly what a good defensive player will try to do.

The Snipers

  • Quick and accurate shooters with severe damage for every hit are utterly lethal.
  • They rarely show their faces, and stay as far away from the action as they can.
  • Be very careful when approaching long open ground with very little cover, as this is always a snipers playground.
  • Save your sprint for well timed dashes through the danger if the coast ahead is clear, if not then concentrating on trying to dodge a snipers shots, as well as an attackers machine gun, is usually a one way ticket to an ass kicking.
  • Smoke grandes from a fellow cov op can provide the decoy and cover that you need to make it through unharmed, but without it a good sprint with a very unusual dodge pattern can often spare you the damage.
  • Not just quick left rights, but a second left, 1/4 second right, 2 seconds left, 3 seconds right, try to just imagine you behind the scope trying to focus on the central part of a moving body, and move as crazily as possible.
  • If your a good shot and know exactly where the sniper is situated, if you can get just 1 or 2 well placed shots then it should be enough to throw their aim down the pan, at least long enough to get a closer more precise shot, or find cover. The only true weakness to a sniper is his ass.
  • If you can approach a sniper from the rear and sneak quietly up to them, their fucked. But even when attacking from the sides, just a quick turn of the scope to check the surroundings and your already in trouble again.
  • If you know a snipers got you pin pointed, try and get out of there under cover and attack from a fresh direction, or just go for it. Run, dodge, and controlled fire bursts (1-2 shots, wait 1 second, 1-2 shots, wait. etc) at where the bullets are coming from is all you have.

Suicidal numpties

  • Panzers, flamers, rifle naders and empty ammo nade gays.
  • If you run face to face into one of the following, the best result you can hope for is to kill them quickly and get the hell out of the way of any remaining nades they may have been able to drop.
  • Aim for the face and unload. Only flamers always really require some swift dodging or escaping from, unless you find them out in the open, in that case just stay out of range.
  • Suiciders and soldiers will usually just aim to get into the crowd and cause some real damage. As the explosions and flames do a lot of damage in short areas, it's usually best to just charge at the crowds and hope the confusion will be enough for a good hit and run. Control that charge by moving around it, retreating before counter attacking, and all the time getting in some good shots to hold them back.
  • There's no real way to survive running straight into these kinds of players face to face without both of you dying, so if your attacking small tunnels or rooms that are not occupied by your forces, swift grenades of your own can be enough to save the day, or at least get you some XP as well.
  • Just be careful not to get caught with your pants down and a nade in your hands when the enemy comes running around the corner. Be sure you know where you can retreat to some cover if your going to pop the hole, at least long enough to swap to your machine gun if your suddenly under fire.


  • This is the true ability of a pro player, to use and perform each of these styles effectively, yet switch which style you use in the blink of an eye.
  • Most more advanced players will use combinations of different styles, but will stick to a more preferred type of play, choosing either to be offensive, tactical, or defensive.
  • The best measure to counter this mix of styles is to use your own mix, between attacking full on, or luring them out into your best place of attack.
  • If your not so hot at the dodging then get them into a position where their dodging is restricted and you have full movement or cover. If your not so good at the full on attack, try to pull them back into an area where you have friendly cover to help take them down. If their constantly in a position you can't get at them before they attack you, use tricks to throw them off to your position, throw a nade in 1 direction and then move around another.
  • Always switch up how you go in for the attack, charge them 1 minute, trick them out the next, hide and wait for them to run past the next.
  • Keep switching up how you attack or defend their advances, and they'll never be able to come up with a fool proof strategy to nail you. Throw as many spanners in the works as possible and always keep them guessing.
  • Hope this pretty much covers most gaming styles, although there is a lot more to add, and it could be covered in a lot more depth, I hope this gives you more of an over view as to your own playing style, and what you might be up against.
  • Remember each combatant and opponent is an individual, and must be dealt with as such. Find out their strengths and their weaknesses, and work around them. Don't let their strengths catch you out, and don't let their weaknesses escape you, and you will always be the last man standing well, there it is. Some basic info, some more serious info, and a lot inbetween. Hope it helps someone, as it took a long time to put together!




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