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Haemar a10.png
Ico ET.gif Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

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Briefing.png Map Story

The Axis Forces have in Haemar important informations about a new surnatural power that might stop and annihilate Allied's attacks. The Allied Forces have the Mission to steal this Secret Documents and flee to the East where an Allied Transmitter is waiting for them.The allies has to take the City flag, steal the documents and escape with the repaired truck.

Map Objectives

Allies.png Allied Objectives

We need to get these Documents. Run through the Old City of Haemar and steal them.

  1. Destroy the Main Entrance.
  2. Construct an Assault Ramp up the North Side of the Ramparts.
  3. Capture the Old City.
  4. Repair the Escape Truck.
  5. Destroy the Doors Controls.
  6. Build or at least prevent the Axis from establishing a Command Post.
  7. Escape with the Documents in the Truck.

Axis.png Axis Objectives

We have very important Documents in Haemar at the moment. Defend them

  1. Defend the Main Entrance.
  2. Prevent the Allies from constructing an Assault Ramp and destroy it if they manage to build it.
  3. Defend the Old City.
  4. Prevent the Allies from repairing the Escape Truck.
  5. Prevent the Allies from destroying the Doors Controls."
  6. Build or at least prevent the Allies from establishing a Command Post."
  7. Stop the Allies from escaping with the Documents."

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