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Game Modes

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Game Modes

There are four game modes in Enemy Territory, each with their own particular style of play: Objective Mode, Campaign Mode, Stopwatch Mode, and Last Man Standing.

Objective Mode

In the Objective game mode teams must accomplish a series of tasks or objectives to win. These objectives can include everything from taking control of specific points on the map to destroying key installations. A team must complete all the primary objectives in the time limit to win.

Campaign Mode

Campaign mode is a form of Objective mode that allows players to compete against each other in a series of related maps. Players can increase their Rank and Skills over the course of the campaign and carry them from map to map. Skills and Rewards persist from map to map for the duration of the Campaign.

Stopwatch Mode

In Stopwatch mode, teams must accomplish the objectives in the shortest possible time. At the end of a round the teams will switch. The team that was defending will now attack and must now beat their opponents' time from the previous round. Team-switching is not allowed in Stopwatch mode.

Last Man Standing (LMS)

Last Man Standing is a form of Team Deathmatch where players must completely eliminate the opposing team to win a round. Players have only one life. They can be healed with Health Packs from Medics or Health Cabinets, but will not respawn if killed. In LMS there are no skill points, XP does not count towards your score and there are no objectives other than to wipe out the opposing team. There are no Last Man Standing Campaigns.

Respawning, Reinforcements, and Max Lives

In all game modes except Last Man Standing, players will respawn after they die, meaning that they'll come back to life at the team's spawn point with full health and ammo. Players will respawn in reinforcements, or timed waves, that run continuously. The amount of time left until the next reinforcement respawn is shown in the upper left of the screen when a player is killed. The player will only respawn at the next reinforcement period if they've hit the Jump key (Space) before the clock runs out. If the player hasn't hit the jump key, they will stay in limbo and will not respawn. Players can use the reinforcement time to configure their class and weapon in the Limbo Menu.

All game modes apart from Last Man Standing can use the Max Lives option. This option makes the player pay a price for using up all of his lives. The penalty is set to a default three respawn cycles until he can rejoin the fray.