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Game Arenas

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QUAKE LIVE's battlegrounds come in various sizes and styles to accommodate varying level of skill and styles of play. When searching for games you can utilize the 'Customize' options to filter your server browser by your preferred style of Game Arena. Here are just a few examples of how our arenas can be sorted:

Map Environment

The various arenas contain many features and hazards. Some are ordinary things that hardly merit mention, others are extremely deadly menaces capable of quickly fragging the reckless, and a few fall somewhere in the middle.

Map Environment
Map Description
Arena Gate Small Arenas: Often best suited for new players or for smaller games of 2-6 players.
Nameless Place Medium Arenas: The majority of the QUAKE LIVE arenas, which are best suited for 4-12 advanced players.
Dredwerkz Large Arenas: A few arenas are designed for much larger battles, accommodating 8-16 players comfortably.
Terminal Heights Space Maps: Game arenas floating in the solitude of space, Space Maps are surrounded by only void making for fun, furious and often frightful fights.
Base Siege Team Arena Maps: Created for the Team Arena expansion to Quake III Arena, Team Arena maps possess the Team Power-ups, and Chaingun, Nailgun and Proxy Launcher weapons.
Campgrounds Popular Maps: Timeless classics and newly up and coming maps, the most actively played maps are flagged as 'Popular' so that they can be easily found by those who desire to keep up with the times.
Trinity Optionally you may select just to challenge yourself on our new arenas, game arenas that exist within QUAKE LIVE but could not be found in the original release of Quake III Arena.