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coocoo eggs

The sci of the fi

his artificial reality system has been created by people who above all wanted to have some good fun.

As you get deeper into the action, you will find many hidden, and not-so-hidden references to some of the greatest works of scifi space action, such as:

Forbidden Planet
Star Trek (TOS)
Battlestar Galactica
Space Battleship Yamato
MJ ( Maitey Jyakku !!!yea you *have to* watch the original series )

You will notice we have left out the obvious, and stressed on the occult.

Yea, you trekkies from the ID ! prepare yourselves for senseless laughter as you colonize the galaxy.

DISCLAIMERS: We hereby claim no copyright of such "names" or "references", and they are used very purposefully and/or by accident, to add some SPICE to a great community !