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Ico ET.gif Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

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Briefing.png Map Story

A convoy is about to make a shipment of supplies that could bolster Axis resistance in the region. The Allies must steal the Supply Documents and radio them back to Allied Command so the convoy can be intercepted in time.

Map Objectives

Allies.png Allied Objectives

The Axis are holding crucial Supply Documents inside a warehouse Complex.Steal them and transmit them back to Allied Command before it is too late.

  1. Steal the Supply Documents and transmit them back to Allied Command.
  2. Destroy the Main Door into the Complex.
  3. Breach the Storage Wall.
  4. Dynamite the Service Door.
  5. Prevent the Axis from constructing a Command Post in the Transmitter Building.
  6. Establish a forward Command Post in the Upper Complex.

Axis.png Axis Objectives

The Allies are trying to prevent our convoy from reaching the front line. Protect the Supply Documents at all costs.

  1. Stop the Allies from transmitting the Supply Documents.
  2. Defend the Main Door.
  3. Defend the Storage Wall from being breached.
  4. Stop the Allies from destroying the Service Door.
  5. Set up a Command Post inside the Transmitter Building.
  6. Prevent the Allies from establishing a Command Post in the Upper Complex.

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