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Forum Terms & Rules

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Forum Rules

The following rules are enforced on BunkerGaming forums by the moderators.

  • No excessive swearing/cursing/lewdness in any language.
  • No insulting players by calling them names or making racist/sexist comments, etc.
  • No posting of pornographic/sexist material.
  • No spamming by repeatedly posting the same thing or bumping dead topics for no particular reason.
  • No advertising or recruiting.

Good Conduct on the Forums

  • Refrain from typing all or much of your post in CAPS LOCK, BECAUSE IT LOOKS LIKE YOU'RE YELLING
  • Do not hold Shift For Every Word You Write, because this makes it Harder To Read as well...
  • Keep your replies on-topic. That means if someone starts a post about a problem in ET, don't reply with something concerning your computer screen malfunctioning
  • Keep all your current ideas in one topic or reply. If you reply to a topic saying something concerning a new ET mod coming out, and five minutes later you remember that there's also a website you could link to, don't put the link in a new reply; edit it in instead!
  • If you don't have something important to say about a topic that other people would want to hear, don't post it. High post counts are nice, but "Yes, I think so too. Panzers should be disabled." is not a proper reply to a topic.
  • When you argue about something, always consider the other person's opinion, and reinforce any arguments you make as well as possible
  • Always try to use proper English, especially if you come from. Express yourself in an understandable way.

Your User Account, your responsability

You agree to never give your password out to another person, for your protection and for validity reasons.

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