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Fleet Creation

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How do we create a fleet

  • 1. First we buy ships (click on ships, and then select your LSP planet where you want to build them)
  • 2. then once we bought some ships, we click on the bottom button (under the arsenal column), which is LAUNCH
  • 3. launched ships will take up to 2 turns, to reach spaceport
  • 4. once they have arrived in spaceport, you can click on the bottom button under the In Port column (or select space port from the top submenu, of your selected LSP)
  • 5. You then type the name of the fleet you want in the right hand of the screen, and click on "create fleet"
  • 6. you will then be in a "ship enlistment" screen, enter the number of ships of each type you want to enlist, and scroll a bit down, you will see the "ENLIST" button
  • 7. once you are done with the fleet, you then click on the "fleet management (other)" button on the top submenu
  • 8. that will list all your fleets, and you can click on their names, to give them orders.


a. We suggest creating one fleet as with a suicide kamikaze pilot, and one ship, namely a "Sensory Array". Once you created that fleet, send it to the GALAXY CORE, just launch the beast (left target selector) This will immediately expand your known stars, and your horizons will start expanding.

b. you should then create one fleet specialized in "ACTIVATING LSP" planetary systems, which must consist of:

treasury transport colony transport engineering crew construction equipment

c. you should then create another fleet specialized in "ACTIVATING MINING OUTPOSTS" (i.e. to put them into production), which must consist of:

Survey Team Scout Engineering Crew Transport Construction Machinery Transport Ore Transport (or Heavy Ore Transport)

How do I add ships to my fleet

OK, if you created a fleet, and forgot or didn't add ships to it.

click on ships (top menu) then click on fleet management

You will then see the shipless-fleet colored RED (meaning something wrong)

click on that red fleet name, and you will be taken to the enlistment screen (space port with fleet selected)

Then, assuming that you have bought some ships and launched them, and they have arrived in space port, yo will then be able to add ships to the fleet (and don't forget to scroll a little down, there's the "enlist" button)

Disbanding a Fleet

When your fleet is docked at one of your LSP's which is in production, or at one of your anchorages it can be disbanded. A button is provided for that. launch button

The ships pass to your spaceport on that planet, and can then be upgraded to the latest propulsion class, so you can create a faster fleet.