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Here The solutions at your problems

Run ET under Windows 7 , Install Punkbuster , Update ET , Update Bios , Update Drivers

To Run ET under Windows 7

  • Create a shortcut on your desktop to run Enemy Territory.

(Goto ET directory, right click on ET.exe and select create shortcut, move the created shortcut on your desktop)

  • Click on right mouse button on the created shortcut (which you have moved recently on your desktop)
  • select properties, change target to something like that:

c:\program files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\ET.exe" +connect

Click on compatibility tab, select Run this program as an administrator... Click on Apply and OK button..

  • Now goto etpub folder on your ET directory (If it doesn't exists, create a directory and name it etpub under ET folder) (If it's already exists, delete everything inside it, just keep the directory name: etpub)
  • Go to and download pbsetup.exe and move it in the etpub folder
  • Go to and download pbsvc.exe and move it the etpub folder

Run pbsvc.exe in your etpub folder and update your ET. Run pbsetup.exe in your etpub folder to install punkbuster services.

Run the game. If you did everything correctly, ET should work perfectly under Windows 7.

NoteWindows 7 is very stable, if you have any problem that means, probably you must update your BIOS and Drivers.

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