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After writing dozens of campaigns for b2 and bunker 42.. I got the bad problem that it is just too time consuming.. so I had the idea to write a program, which does get some informations from the pk3, and then create the campaign out of it.

The result is a tool with wich you can have an overview over all your maps; it does detect which team has to attack, timelimit and other things.. It does also extract the command map and the loading image - for previewing. While for this to work, I needed an external program called IrfanView, which can convert tga's to jpg by a commandline. this program is also free, an the author was happy that I linked it..

Not all is implemented yet, some features are missing, and some Im planning, the most important for myself, is to finish the mapconfigs - which isnt that usefull right now. Also this .net thingy is new for me - strange installation it has ^^ . But it works nice .. at least it seems.

Oh and the name, has been invented by darkeasterbunny.. pk3 STATS SomeThing And Then Some cause I told him it gets all pk3 not only maps, so you could is also for other things then campaign.. statistics of pk3 and something to some..

An example of what can be done with the export function: peyote.cwsurf behind that page is a mysql db, should be easy to make a flash which access that and images.. to make campaign files for ET..