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Enemy Territory

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Welcome to the Enemy Territory Guide

Welcome to the the Enemy Territory Guide Portal. In this guide , you will find numerous helps and tips, for start this game, but first a little introduction is needed.

Little Story....
  • Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a free-to-play first-person shooter created by id Software and Activision.
  • While originally meant to be a standalone game with single player, the project never got off the ground; this has led to the multiplayer version to be released as freeware. The source code of the game is also available to assist the modding community, and currently it has several mods and a dedicated following.
  • Players can either play as Germany or as the Americans in six default maps, although thanks to the modding community there are now literally hundreds of playable maps.
How You Can Help

Everybody is invited to contribute,feel free to improve.

Editing Help

  • Read up on how to get started.