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ET Acronyms

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ET Acronyms

Acronym Meaning

  • |CPL|Corporal
  • |FF|Friendly Fire
  • |MG|Machinegun
  • |PFC|Private First Class
  • |PVT|Private|
  • |RCON|Remote Control (or Remote Console)
  • |SC|Spawn Camp(ing)
  • |SGT|Sergeant
  • |SK|Spawn Kill(ing)
  • |SMG|Submachine Gun
  • |TB|Team Bleed(ing)
  • |TK|Team Kill(ing)
  • |XP|Experience|

Other Acronyms

Acronym Meaning

  • |AFAIK|As Far As I Know
  • |AFK|Away From Keyboard
  • |ASAP|As Soon As Possible
  • |BBL|Be Back Later
  • |BBS|Be Back Soon (or Bulletin Board System)
  • |BRB|Be Right Back
  • |FAQ|Frequently Asked Questions
  • |FFA|Free For All
  • |FFS|For Fcks Sake
  • |FPS|First Person Shooter (or Frames Per Second)
  • |FTW|For The Win
  • |GG|Good Game
  • |GJ|Good Job
  • |GL|Good Luck
  • |HF|Have Fun
  • |IDK|I Don't Know
  • |IIRC| If I Rembember Correctly
  • |IMHO|In My Humble (or Honest) Opinion
  • |IMO|In My Opinion
  • |LMAO|Laughing My Ass Off
  • |LMFAO|Laughing My Fcking Ass Off
  • |LOL|Laughing Out Loud|
  • |MMOG|Massively Multiplayer Online Game (sometimes simply called MMO)
  • |Mod|Moderater (or Modification)
  • |MOOR|Massively Open Online Racing
  • |MMORPG|Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
  • |NP|No Problem
  • |NS|Nice Shot
  • |OMG|Oh My God
  • |OMFG|Oh My Fcking God
  • |OMW|On My Way
  • |ROFL|Rolling On The Floor Laughing
  • |RPG|Role Playing Game
  • |RTS|Real Time Strategy
  • |STFU|Shut The Fck Up
  • |TLA|Three Letter Acronym
  • |TTYL|Talk To You Later
  • |TY|Thank You
  • |WTF|What The F'ck
  • |YW|You're Welcome

MMORPG Acronyms

Acronym Meaning

  • |AoE|Area of Effect
  • |DK|Dishonorable Kill
  • |DoT|Damage over Time
  • |DPS|Damage Per Second
  • |EXP|Experience (sometimes XP)
  • |GM|Game Master
  • |HK|H'onorable Kill
  • |HP|Health Points
  • |LFG|Looking For Group
  • |LFM|Looking For Member
  • |Mats|Materials
  • |NPC|Non-Player Character
  • |PM|Private Message
  • |PvE|Player vs Environment
  • |PvP|Player vs Player
  • |PST|Please Send Tell
  • |WTB|Want To Buy
  • |WTT|Want To Trade
  • |WTS|Want To Sell

Computer Acronyms

Acronym Meaning

  • |BD|Blu-ray Disk
  • |CD|Compact Disk
  • |CPU|Central Processing Unit
  • |DVD|Digital Versatile Disk
  • |GB|GigaByte(1024 MegaBytes)
  • |EB|ExaByte(1024 PetaBytes)
  • |IM|Instant Messenge
  • |IP|Internet Protocol
  • |ISP|Internet Service Provider
  • |IRC|Internet Relay Chat
  • |KB|KiloByte
  • |LAN|Local Area Network
  • |MB|MegaByte
  • |PB|PetaByte(1024 TeraBytes)
  • |PC|'Personal Computer
  • |RAM|Random Access Memory
  • |TB|TeraByte(1024 GigaBytes)
  • |YB|YottaByte(1024 ZettaBytes)
  • |ZB|ZettaByte(1024 ExaBytes)



Term Definition
  • |Admin| (Administrator)Someone with extensive control of the server. Administrators can issue commands that allow them to help keep unwanted players out of the server, enforce the code of conduct, and change settings permitting a better game experience for everyone.


Term Definition
  • |Frag|Commonly used term in FPS games meaning the equivalent of 'kill'.


Term Definition
  • |Gib|Shooting a dead player until they are no longer revivable & placed in limbo.
  • |Goomba|Jumping on the enemy causing death, also known as Death from above. Written as Goooooooomba.


Term Definition
  • |Noob|A sometimes affectionate, sometimes derogatory term referring to someone inexperienced or unknowledgable.


Term Definition
  • |Rcon|A server administration tool that lets you change almost any setting on a server in-game.
  • |Root|On a *NIX box this is the superuser (God) who can do anything (edit configs, restart the server, etc). Usually root access is given to only the most responsible and trusted people.


Term Definition
  • |Spawn|The location where a players reappear after being killed or gibbed.
  • |Spawn Camping|Shooting at the enemy from your own spawn. This definition of SC is unique to Bunkerland; almost everywhere else it means to wait outside enemy spawns & shoot them as they leave.
  • |Spawn Kill|Killing an opponent in their spawn or being personally killed in your own spawn.


Term Definition
  • |Team Bleed|Shooting a member of your own team to lower their health without killing them (and then sometimes healing them for XP).
  • |Team Kill|Killing a member of your own team. When done intentionally or excessively you can expect to be disciplined.