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Subscriber-inessential.png Developer(s) : Fearless Team
Notes-icone-9348-32.png Version : 1.5.0
Glob-v2-48x48.png Website :
Home-home-page-onebit-icone-5226-32.png Forum discussion : project etsnitch



ETSnitch is a application for easy log analysis.

ETSnitch is a application for easy log analisys. Despite the existance of several other tools to analyse Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory log files. This tool differs from others, by being oriented, to the chat content of your server rather them the scores, made by players. Because server problems aren't always about hacks, some care may be necessary, about the quality of players. This tool allows the simple search and view of talks, conflicts and spams going on in your server.

This tool allows for simple search and views of the talks, conflicts and spams going on in your server.


  • The application was done using microsoft framework .NET.. it needs windows and .NET 2.0 to run. Please check if you have the framework installed and up to date.. you should get it automatically if you have the windows update serviced running, if you don't, you cant get it at framework

  • This application parses only one of the specifig log file of the ET server. to enable file logging on server. put this on you config:
set logfile "2"
set g_log "server.log"

Software only use mode specific log file and not the console log file. In above example you are looking for server.log file in your mode folder. server.log could be renamed to any file name you like. Example: faclanjaymod.log and then you would be looking for faclanjaymod.log file in Jaymod folder.


Time The time offset of the log entry. The "zero" time, is the time, the server started

Map The map being played at the time the log entry occured.

From The player that issued the message.

To The chat window to wich the message was sent(say,sayteam,sayfireteam,adminchat). In case of private messages the "To" indicates the name that the players typed as message target

Message The content of the message


To make comprehension of the log easier the chat lines are colored by type of message. A distinction is also made between the in game chat and the intermission chat.

Main chat Hi guys :P

Team chat The enemy is weakned!

Fire team chat Attack left flank

Admin chat I'm specing ETPlayer, I suspect aimbot

Private message Hi buddy... are we still up for tonight

Intermission chat Great game, and congratulations for the victory


Each of the types (say,sayteam,sayfireteam,adminchat,p/messages) of messages can be omited from the list. this allows better focus on particular conversations. Apart from that there are to extra options

  • Admin commands
Show commands & chat
Makes all log entries visible
  • Only commands
Shows only the messages that start with "!" and hides all others

Hide commands(default)

Server commands are hidden from the listing

  • Intermission
Show game & intermission(default)
Makes all messages visible

Only intermission

Shows only the messages that where exchanged during the map intermission

Hide intermission

Show the in game messages


The filter box has two defined behaviors, wich can be selected in the drop box behind the filter input. In ether behavior the filter will be applied to the From column and to the Message column

Find The application finds the next item on the visible list, and moves the focus to that particular item. To find the next item, press enter again on the filter box

Filter Will only show the messages that match the query. To show all the messages again just clear the filter box and press enter The filter box also allows for wilcards being ? representative for one unknown character and "*" a variable amout of unknown characters

User info

If you double click your mouse on a log entry a dialog ill be showned with detailed information about the player. Attention must be given to the fact that not all the user information may be present on the current log file.



  • Feature:The application can now open multiple files at the same time (use this to parse the new NQ logs, loading the chat file and the server log file)


  • Bug fix:Information presented is not from selected player


  • Included message target player in file save
  • Bug fix:Empty userInfo entry is not parsed
  • Error report dialog.


  • Now parses the player mac address
  • Bug fixed on the find operation to avoid loop


  • Support for NoQuarter log file
  • Bug fixed on log time parse


  • Support for ETPub log file