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Subscriber-inessential.png Developer(s) : Flippy
Notes-icone-9348-32.png Version : 4 Beta2
Glob-v2-48x48.png Website :



is a script editor designed specifically for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory map script files. These script files are usually written in simple text editors like Notepad, which offer very little extra support. ETScript is different. While it hosts all useful features popular text editors like Notepad have, it also hosts a ton of features are mostly aimed toward and help you to write your scripts quicker, easier and with less errors.


Tabbed Multi-Document Interface
Open many files simultaneously, grouping them into vertical or horizontal groups (or both).
You can drag files from one group to another. You can even scroll files simultaneously.

(Un)Dockable Task Panes such as the Script Reference and Error List
Move them around in separate windows or dock them anywhere you want, using helpful 'docking areas' to make docking easy.
You can even drop the Task Panes inside the file tab bar, next to all your files.

New Find & Replace dialog You now have the option to use Regular Expressions (RegEx) in your search terms.
A helpful menu shows a frequently used selection of RegEx commands.

New Auto-Backup Manager and improved Auto-Backup system Auto-Backup system now handles errors better and is better in general. I also designed a new Auto-Backup Manager that is less cluttered with the same functionality.

Improved Menu / Tool bars Menu and Tool bars are now 100% customizable. You can drag them to other locations (even undock them) and you can choose which buttons and menus to show.You can also change some options such as the drop down animation.


ETScript 4 Beta 2

Bugs fixed:

  • Outlining is now reloaded after Splitting the document.
  • Outlining now works properly for different brace syntax (opening brace on the same line as the class/event name).
  • Map Select dropdown now positioned properly in the Auto-Backup Manager window.
  • Apply button in options screen now applies changes correctly.
  • Draw Line Modifications option now works.
  • Entities are now coloured properly after changing BSP file.

New features:

  • Script Directory allows you to choose a script directory other than etmain\maps.
  • File Browser now supports adding/removing directories.
  • Select BSP file allows you to select a different BSP file manually to import entities from.
  • Added a Date Filter calendar to the Auto-Backup Manager and Revert to Backup windows.