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fleet vs fleet


In fleet vs fleet, several rules apply:

1. if fleets are in space, there is no physical advantages for each attacker or defender
2. if the defender fleet OWNER is NOT ONLINE when fleet is attacked, the defense power will be diminished (percentage unknown, maybe up to 50% or more)
3. if the defending fleets are parked on an LSP or Mining Outpost, they have an advantage in that their orbit is lower, and have quicker orbits, and also   are  supported by ground coordination computers and radars
4. Obliteration size: if your fleet is 50 times larger than the defending fleet, the defender is OBLITERATED, and the attacking fleet suffers no losses. (the measurement is the addition of all primary weapons multiplied by amounts of ships in each category)


positioning limits

A minefield cannot be placed less than 5LY from any celestial object, being mining outpost, LSP, anchorage, or other objects such as wormholes, etc.

minefield overview

Minefields can be deployed by RAIDER class military ships only, and have the following attributes:

1. position
2. player
3. strength

the strength depends directly from the number of RAIDERS you have in the fleet, and also, each fleet (until docked and replenished), can only deploy 10 fields, each of the fields will decrease in strength 10%

explosion effects

  • The explosion effects (ship losses) of a minefield depends on the following:
1. how close to the center of the minefield is the fleet travelling
2. how fast the fleet is travelling (the faster the fleet, the heavier the losses)
3. the number of ships in the fleet

avoiding minefields

  • You can avoid being killed by your own minefields, if you pass over them at < 1 SOL speed.

Allies can see your minefields, and can do the same to avoid being killed.

Enemies cannot see your minefields, but if they suspect its presence, they can always change trajectory, and approach the target from a non-standard coordinate in space. (i.e. a place away from standard planet-planet trading routes)

Fleet Intercept

intercept mechanics

1. as soon as a fleet is close to your fleet, and has been detected by a star system or Ank.T. , then you can , either parked in orbit, or even in DSO (deep space ops, i.e. floating in space), choose to INTERCEPT the enemy fleet

2. intercept has a "FOLLOW" flag, can be on or off

3. if its off, as soon as you press the intercept button, the system calculates an intercept trajectory, which is based on the original flight vector of the enemy fleet, and creates an "intercept point" along that trajectory

4. the intercepr point shows up as a star, with the name of the fleet being intercepted

5. once fleets arrive there, they can battle

6. the interceptee can , before reaching the intercept point (IP), decide to stop and go somewhere else and if the interceptor does not have follow turned on, then the intercept point becomes obsolete the interceptor will reach that point in space, and the intercepr action will just evaporate

7. however, if the interceptee reaches the intercept point he HAS TO BATTLE there is no way for him to leave that point

8. the interceptor can, at any time on route to the IP , stop and go someqwhere else this effectively cancels the IP, and the victim is suposed to continue on his original trajectory

9. also the interceptor can DISENGAGE from battle if he wants to, once he is at the IP

10. FOLLOW if the interceptor checks the FOLLOW option then, when the interceptee stops, the interceptor fleet also stops, automagically, and waits for a move as soon as the other fleet moves, it recalculates a new intercept point along the new trajectory this goes on an on, until the 2 fleets meet and, if the interceptor decides to bug out, before reaching the IP, then the victuim fleet will continue in its last known direction


points vs damage points

Whats the difference between "Points (old)" and "Damage Points"? when i look at the stats page....

those are the 2 different "combat scoring systems"

in the old combat system, points were given arbitrarily, kinda like nukezone minefields, PDS, capture, anchorage blowup, boobytrap, still use the old scoring

fleet-fleet and fleet-lsp combat was already migrated to Version 2 (where scoring is based on NETWORTH DESTROYED), and thats why we call it Damage Points