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The various arenas contain many features and hazards. Some are ordinary things that hardly merit mention, others are extremely deadly menaces capable of quickly fragging the reckless, and a few fall somewhere in the middle.

Classes Description
Soldier :
  • The Soldier is Enemy Territory's Heavy Weapons Specialist. While the Soldier doesn't have any special abilities, he is the only class that can carry heavy two-handed weapons such as the mobile MG42, Mortar, Flamethrower and Panzerfaust. Soldiers initially spawn with a load-out of 4 Hand Grenades.
  • Heavy Weapons
  • The Soldier can choose from one of five weapons to carry in the special weapon slot (3 or 0): The MP40 (Axis) or the M1A1 Thompson (Allies), the Panzerfaust, the Flamethrower, the Mobile MG42 or the Mortar. The Panzerfaust and Mortar use up the Power Bar.
Medic :
  • The Medic can heal team-mates with Health Packs and revive dead teammates, bringing them back into combat without having to wait for the next respawn. Medics help their teammates keep on fighting. Medics can only carry the M1A1 Thompson or MP40 SMG's and initially spawn with a load-out of one Hand Grenade.
  • Medic Special Weapons and Items:
  • Syringe
  • The Syringe is used to revive teammates (see "Special Abilities" below). When Medics pick up an Ammo Pack, either from a Field Ops or an Ammo Cabinet, they receive 1 extra syringe.
  • Health Pack

Medic Special Abilities

  • Revive

When a teammate dies, Medics will see a red icon over their body. As long as the icon is there, the Medic can revive them by using the syringe (5). Stand over a teammate to bring up the gray Syringe icon, then press Fire to revive. The icon disappears when the team-mate goes into Limbo. This happens when either the body takes too much damage or when the teammate selects to enter Limbo.

Engineer :
  • Engineers can set and defuse Dynamite, defuse enemy Satchel Charges, plant Land Mines, build constructible objectives, and repair guns and vehicles. Almost every primary objective in Enemy Territory requires the special abilities of the Engineer.
  • Allied Engineers can choose between the M1A1 Thompson sub machine gun or the M1 Garand rifle with M7 Grenade Launcher. Axis Engineers can choose between the MP40 sub machine gun or the K43 rifle with GPG40 GranatWerfer.
  • Engineers spawn with an initial load-out of 4 Hand Grenades (and 5 Rifle Grenades, if they've chosen that rifle).

Engineer Special Weapons and Items:

  • Engineer's Tool

The Engineer's Tool is used to arm, defuse, repair and build. A gray Wrench icon appears near the crosshair signal when this tool is necessary. To use, press and hold fire (left mouse button or CTRL) until the blue bar fills.

  • Dynamite

Press fire to drop the Dynamite and automatically switch to the Engineer's Tool. To arm the Dynamite, Crouch over it, aim the Engineer's Tool at it and hold down fire. A blue bar will indicate your progress.

  • Land Mines

Land Mines are dropped and armed exactly like Dynamite. Each team has a maximum of 10 Land Mines to place at any one time.

Engineer Special Abilities

  • Defuse

Engineers can defuse Dynamite, Satchel Charges and Land Mines. To defuse, equip the Engineer's Tool and position yourself over the item until the gray Defuse icon appears, then use the tool to defuse it. Engineers must remain with their crosshairs aimed directly at the object to defuse it.

  • Repair

Engineers can repair damaged vehicles and Machine Guns. To repair, simply equip the Engineer's Tool and use by pressing and holding fire until the blue bar fills.

  • Build

The Engineer can build Command Posts or other constructible objectives in the mission by moving to them so that the gray wrench and hammer of the "Build" icon appear. The item is constructed in the same way an explosive is armed. Use the tool until the blue progress bar is full and construction is complete. While construction is in progress, a translucent image of the complete image will appear.

Field Ops
Field Ops :
  • The Field Operations Specialist or Field Ops is responsible for a team's ammunition resupply and heavy fire support.
  • Field Ops can distribute Ammo Packs to their team-mates so that they can keep on fighting even when their initial load-out is expended.
  • Field Ops can use call in Air Strikes for nearby targets by indicating the target with their Smoke Canister, and use their Binoculars to spot distant targets for Artillery Strikes. Field Ops can only use SMG's and initially spawn with a load-out of 2 Hand Grenades.
  • Field Ops Special Weapons and Items:

Air Strike When thrown, the Smoke Canister will emit colored smoke that will mark an Air Strike target. An Air Strike can only be called if the Power Bar is completely full.

  • Ammo Pack

Pressing Fire with the Ammo Pack selected will drop an Ammo Pack. Each Ammo Pack depletes the Power Bar. The Power Bar must be at least half full to drop one. Note that any player can pick up an Ammo Pack, even the enemy.

Field Ops Special Abilities

  • Artillery Strike

To call in an Artillery Strike, view the target through your Binoculars and then hit Alt-Fire (Z). Equip your Binoculars by pressing (B) or scrolling through your weapons with your mousewheel. Your Power Bar must be full to call in an Artillery Strike. You will hear an audio cue to confirm whether the target can be hit.

  • Calling in an Artillery Strike

also issues the target's map coordinates to any Soldiers on your team equipped with a Mortar. For the duration of the Artillery Strike, your designated target will appear on their Command Map and Mortar sights as a targeting reticule. Friendly Mortar Soldiers can then direct their firepower on to your target in addition to the Artillery Strike.

Covert Ops
Covert Ops :
  • The Covert Operations Specialist or Covert Ops is Enemy Territory's espionage, reconnaissance and sabotage expert, in addition to being a deadly marksman. His skills are stealing and wearing enemy uniforms, detecting Land Mines and the stealthy sniping of unsuspecting enemies. He can also infiltrate enemy positions by using enemy Team Doors (while disguised), can report vital battlefield intelligence to his team and destroy key targets with Satchel Charges.

  • Covert Ops Special Weapons and Items:

Smoke Grenades

Smoke Grenades emit a thick smoke screen shortly after being thrown, ideal for blinding defenders and concealing troop movement. If you find yourself pinned down by an emplaced MG nest, a Smoke Grenade is an excellent way of negating its firepower advantage.

  • Satchel Charges

Satchel Charges are remote-detonated demolition devices. Dropping a Satchel Charge will automatically switch your equipped weapon to the remote Detonator. Pressing fire will now cause the charge to explode. Note that the Satchel Charge detonator is limited by range, but not line of sight. A green lamp on the Satchel Charge Detonator indicates that you're in range and can detonate the charge by hitting your Fire key. A red lamp indicates that you're out of range. Note that enemy Engineers can defuse Satchel Charges.

  • Binoculars

Covert Ops are issued with a pair of Binoculars as part of their initial weapons load-out. See Detection below.

Covert Ops Special Abilities

  • Disguise

A Covert Ops can take the uniform off of a dead enemy soldier and wear it as a disguise. To do this, stand over the body of a dead soldier to bring up the gray Uniform icon. Keep Activate (F or Enter) pressed to take the uniform from the soldier and put it on. The fallen enemy soldier's body will remain without pants as a warning to his living team-mates that they have an infiltrator in their midst. While wearing an enemy uniform, the Covert Ops can use enemy Team Doors.

  • A disguised Covert Ops

will remain in disguise as long as they only use Smoke Grenades, Satchel Charges and Satchel Charge Detonators. They will only lose their disguise when using silenced weapons, the knife and Grenades if they do so in an enemy's field of view. This includes the enemy that they are currently engaging, which makes attacking from behind a very crucial tactic.

  • Players can still identify disguised enemy Covert Ops. Disguised enemy Covert Ops at longer ranges will display the name and rank information of the player whose uniform they've stolen but at close range, disguised enemy Covert Ops will not display ANY name or rank information and may be safely shot.

  • Detection

The Covert Ops can detect Land Mines, enemy positions and enemy Command Post. To detect Land Mines, use the Binoculars by pressing Alt-Fire (Z) and scan the area. As you scan, you'll see enemy Land Mine indicators. Holding the Binocular crosshairs over it will flag it and broadcast a message to the whole team with the mine's location, as well as mark it on the Command Map.

  • Detected mines can be destroyed with other explosives (Grenades, Rifle Grenades, Dynamite etc). The Covert Ops can also spot enemy positions. Any enemy that the Covert Ops can see is automatically displayed on the Command Map for the rest of the team.