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Charts and tables

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Strategics Screen

The Strategics section gives you an overall picture of whats going on in the galaxy.

the charts, FRONT VIEW (F.V.), and TOP VIEW (T.V.) show the following:

- your known stars, (green = mining, other colors are LSP's and other objects)
- other player home planets (marked as red dots, although some of the above are also red)
- the allied owned star systems, in yellow

these charts are updated once / 24 hours (and get generated on demand when you click on them)

The numbers on the left give you an overview of "how good you are doing" compared to the rest of the players.

Tactics Screen

In the Tactics section, you will see the EVENTS, ordered usually latest-up-top

It is relatively self explanatory, although once you start getting into combat it is really useful if you can bookmark the combat operations screen, as that will become essential to your information.